Sunday, 4 September 2005

Bad judgement

Now, normally I'd probably not have time to vent more than once a day. However: What is it with my Flatmate and bad judgement? I thought I had the monopoly on bad judgement in men. However, she seems to beat me (she almost slept with a Republican once).

Her latest find, whom I will admit is very attractive in a rugged sort of way, has already displayed two behaviours typical to commitment phobic individuals:

  1. Extreme reluctance to meet her friends
  2. Leaving to go home shortly after sex despite being completely knackered

From my own past behaviour I can say that a combination of the two usually means "You're cute, but this just ain't the right time".

The guy was there last week; I got home while they were in the bedroom and as I was on the phone to someone else and sitting in the living room, he somewhat sheepishly shuffled past me and left.

Yesterday they went out; she was very excited beforehand and very downbeat when she got back. I feel very sorry for her and don't really know what to say.

Don't people get to an age where it's OK to say, you know, "we've had a really good time but that's unfortunately all it was"? Grow up, man.

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