Tuesday, 18 October 2005

10 reasons why I love my boyfriend

We all want to be 14 again, don't we. Why resist the urge. I'm going on holiday tomorrow. It's allowed. In no particular order:

  1. He doesn't mind nipping to the corner shop for the n'th time as I'm cooking dinner and realise I don't have any eggs / sugar / milk / garlic etc. etc.
  2. The way he kisses
  3. He's cute
  4. He speaks proper English. This is very underrated
  5. He tells me I do well when we do exercise and I clearly don't. This includes during tennis, sit-ups and golf
  6. He doesn't mind if I talk about my ex-boyfriends and never displays jealousy. This could of course be because he's never jealous, but I don't think that's it
  7. He likes me better than he likes his mum
  8. We never agree on anything but he never tries to force me to think in his way
  9. He never budges if he actually thinks he's right
  10. Just because.

Love. It's a chesty ball of meat. Or something.

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  1. Your going to hate me for this.

    But doesn't the fact that you are justifying the relationship with a 'top ten charter' reveal your insecurity over it[the relationship]?

    Shouldn't the last reason, "Just because..." be the first, second, and final reason for why you love J?

    I don't know why I was thinking about your post; it was so arbitrary... like it came out of the air itself. I was at work and the thought simply hit me.

    As always, take care.

  2. Of course it's an expression of insecurity! My boyfriend doesn't even love me! Although it was mostly just an expression of silly mood.

    Yes, my writing is very haunting... Isn't it... lol.

    Hope you're well!


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