Thursday, 6 October 2005


I think we should start a depression support group in my flat. I could be the moderator; secretly slightly depressive myself but writing it off as a side effect of contraceptive pills.

Has anyone else noticed that? Either being in a relationship makes me irritable, or it is the pills. I'm not too keen on dropping them either as I can't think of a more suitable means of contraception.

Anyway, depression.

My flatmate yet again had a panic attack on the way home from work. The usual; breathing issues, thinking you're going to die etc. Although, since she knew it was a panic attack she didn't literally think she was going to die, but it was still very unpleasant.

Things are just getting on top of her I think. She needs someone to snuggle up to. She's also irritable, unmotivated and cries a lot. Mild depression I think...

All that and J still struggling with the aftermath of this weekend's kind 'revelations' from his ex, the atmosphere in my flat these days is decidedly in need of some SSRIs.

Maybe it's just that time of the year.

Although on a positive note; I talked to J on the phone last night and he said he wished I was there so he could hug me.

Not because the hug would be comforting for him, but because he knew it would make a difference to me, and that would make him feel better.

"When you're not there, there's nobody to do nice things for. Or at least noone to whom it actually makes a difference," he said.

What a sweetheart. Depressed sweetheart.


  1. It's the prozac spoof ad from adbusters! leet sauce!

  2. damn... the depression thing all over again, read my blog with all the attendant panic attack festivities...

    I know how you and your flatmate are feeling, been there and done that and its no fun, it sucks actually but once in a while nice things happen and everything changes :D

    keep well...


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