Monday, 17 October 2005

Post tempest

Suddenly everything is fine again. J is right; when things are tricky it is difficult to remember what it is like when it's really nice.

We're going on holiday in a few days; I'm really looking forward to it now. Romantic mornings and naked breakfasts.

J has even offered to get the Heathrow Express to make up for the grief he thinks he has caused me.

This is no small sacrifice on his behalf as he thinks it is capitalist and evil. It's quite amusing; a 31-year old who is still in his post-adolescent idealistic phase.

But nice at the same time. And he always recycles stuff, too.

On top of that I have finally fully recovered from my cold, I think I'm going to venture out on a jog today.

J did 10k yesterday 'just for fun' (it is probably obvious to the reader at this stage that his idea of 'fun' is somewhat warped) and I'm not planning on anything like that, but it'll be nice to be out in the crisp, ridiculously polluted air of London again.

When things are good, I think I've never had it this easy before. It's like child birth, you can remember there was pain but not in any quantifiable way, or you would never agree do doing it again.

But then again, the higher you climb, the harder you fall.

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