Saturday, 8 October 2005

Proper headache

First things first; I have a cold. My throat has sandpaper issues and my head is like a rugby ball filled with goo. Does anyone have any superb advice?

I wish I could give a heart-warming account of how J has brought me Jewish chicken soup in bed (I have come to experience that Jewish cafes in London for some reason do excellent chicken soup, it might be related to the dumplings or something). Unfortunately he's not been in town this week.

Although I think he'd be quite a good nurse if he were here. He made me plain boilt rice another time when I had food poisoning. It wasn't a pretty sight. Me, that is; the rice looked OK.

No, for once there's not that much to say about us.

Everything is going quite well. We've just finished planning a week's holiday together, he's coming to stay with me this weekend, we're spending Christmas together.

For some reason I'm a little less excited than before.

I wonder if I make myself feel less excited when it's going well to avoid being hurt if it all falls apart, or if I genuinely get bored as soon as there's no drama involved. I kind of hope it's the former.

Though judging by my personality in general, it could be the latter. I get bored with jigsaw puzzles as soon as I've finished the outter edge, I get restless before I can complete the middle bit.

That would be awful. I really thought I'd finally found someone I could stand still with. Come on girl, do some growing up.


  1. Oh Dear, I feel for you terribly. When I'm sick My Friend Hui always tries to get me to knock back ginger water, apperantly it's supposed to work wonders. Personally, i always suggest hot tea and honey. But that's my cure all for everything. I'm not even sure if it's a cure for anything, or if it's just something that distracts me for a while. If that's the case then shiney objects will do as well then.

  2. hi J's girlfriend, when I get ill I pray that God will take it away and usually that does the job. hope you feel better soon ;) Love K's girlfriend. p.s i'll be praying for you.

  3. Honey does actually have antiseptic properties, so there could be something to it... Ginger's meant to be good for your immune system I think...

    I used to always pray, I've not been very steady with faith issues lately. But it's worth a try! It always used to work very well. Thank you very much for remembering me in yours!


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