Friday, 14 October 2005

Take a painkiller, cycle on your bicycle

For some reason I'm suddenly full of resolve. I realise this can't go on anymore, that he'll have to decide to ride the bicycle (see yesterday's post) or not.

J, on his part, is full of implicit apologies.

I was talking to him last night on the phone and he insists on coming to see me on Saturday afternoon to stay over. This is despite his appointment to see someone at 0810 (!!) on Sunday morning, 1/2 an hour from his house but about twice as far from mine.

When I gently suggested he come to see me on Sunday after I finish work instead, he was all puppy dog eyes (I can feel them stroking my cheek through the receiver like tentacles) and "noooo, I want to see you on Saturday!".

The aforementioned resolve could naturally be closely related to the fact that I was crying last time we saw each other, and my mind, as I am apparently not completely insane, is taking measures to protect itself.

And I can see it melting away like Hagen-Daz magically disappearing from a freezer as soon as he gets here, not to mention when he's offering to buy me ludicrous souvenirs on holiday next week.

But M is right; loving is like riding a bike. You have to press forwards, or you'll end up falling off before you know it.

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  1. Yup good ole Scandinavian! You are welcomed to link the blog... =D


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