Tuesday, 15 November 2005


Or at least it would be if I was anywhere which wasn't completely light polluted. And too far south.

Celebrated J's recent birthday with a small get-together last night. It turned out to be even smaller than originally planned when one of his supposedly better friends cancelled via SMS(!) about ten minutes after he was actually meant to be there.

What's with people? I am convinced this is a British thing. People are too 'polite' to just say 'well, I might make it if I can be bothered, but then again I might not' to your face, so they wait till the last second and then cancel. I just think it's rude.

Not to worry really though, it didn't spoil the evening. There was food and drink and cake and singing just like God intended for birthdays (or so I imagine; at least He doesn't seem to have punished anyone for adopting those heathen rituals for his son's geburtsdag). A lovely evening which even a mini-therapy session with Flatmate at the end didn't ruin.

But it is Auroratime. That time of the year when people start feeling the SAD creeping in and you drive into the sunset on the motorway even at three in the afternoon. When you start questioning if you actually have any friends (which is why the SMS cancelling is even more inconsiderate this time of year) and really wish you were five years old again so it would only mean more hot chocolate in the evenings and getting lifts to school cause it's too cold to walk.

I kind of like winter. It smells nice. I used to think November was the most pointless of months, but now I see it as a good time to buy all your Christmas presents and general self-indulgence in the form of pampering and excessive eating.

But I miss my friends. One of them was asking on our blog, what are you waiting for, meaning why aren't you moving home.

And of course we all know that I'm waiting for J. But even if he decides he does love me afterall (let's face it, he'd be stupid not to), I can't expect him to decamp home.

It's a tough choice, my home or him. Too tough to be taken at Auroratime. I think I'll leave that to another post.

Perfect Hot Chocolate for One

1 Cup full-fat milk
1 Tbs Green & Black's cocoa
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 Tbs Sugar
4 Tbs water

Heat water, sugar and cocoa over medium heat, whisking until sugar dissolves.
Add milk and vanilla extract.
Heat to desired temperature (at least 70 degrees celsius), but do not boil.
Pour in mug.

Best enjoyed wearing scarf and slippers in front of open fireplace.


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