Thursday, 24 November 2005

Laundry day

Living with J now has given us some excellent opportunities to try out our coupley fighting techniques. Yesterday, it was about laundry.

The night before, J realised he had forgotten to put on his laundry. He asked if I had any to be done and I (thought I) said yes, but that I wanted to sort it into piles myself, as he bungs everything in and puts it on 40 degrees and high spin. Aarrrgh for my silk clothes. I offered to do it, but he said he didn't want me to do it all on my own.

Then, as we were cooking dinner yesterday, he suddenly disappears, comes back with a huge pile of (his) dirty clothes and pile them into the machine. Hey, what about my washing? I say. I though you were doing that for yourself, he says.

When I explain that I was waiting for him to dig out his stuff and that I am now a little annoyed that he's just doing his washing without even having asked me if I have anything to put in, he gets really pissed off and stomps out like a three-year old. I find it fit to say something relatively unrelated yet quite painful.

And then we both apologise. I love his ability to apologise, something which has been sorely missed in at least one of my ex-partners. He will apologise even if he kind of knows it isn't his fault, in the good old female guilt-sharing fashion.

It was my fault, I say, because I shouldn't be pissed off just because you thought I was doing my own laundry separately. No, no, he says, I shouldn't have been so stressed about it, I'm just stressed, you're right, put your laundry in as well. I'm sorry I was so mean, I say.

And then he says, well if you're sorry too, why don't you come here, let's have a nice kiss. And we have lots. He smells lovely as always and is wearing a really soft cotton sweather.

He is the best kisser I have ever known. My knees still buckle, even with little comforting butterfly kisses. One of the greatest things in a relationship; being comforted.

I hung up the second machine of laundry this morning (I refuse to wash white t-shirts with dark socks!!). I accidentally did it on 60 degrees with high spin... It was only underwear and socks for me, but some of his jerseys had somehow got in there. Watch this space for domestic spat update.

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