Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Living together

I am now officially, if temporarily, living with J. I don't know if anyone reading this blog has been awaiting this especially eagerly, but I certainly have!

His clothes are in my closets, his washing is drying in my lounge and most importantly he is at the moment safely snuggled up in my bed, I'd like to say waiting for me, but he's most likely reading the Guardian.

What is it about living together that makes it so attractive?

Partly with him I think it is insecurity; I see a 12 month contract and a big deposit as a commitment, it means he wouldn't be able to get away for that whole period. From personal experience I can say that you think it over a couple of more times before leaving a live-in relationship.

But more than that, I just like it when he's around. I like it when I wake up in the middle of the night after a bad dream and he's there. I like to always have someone to come home to, cook for, watch crap TV with.

I like to have someone who asks if I have any washing to be done, or if the toilet needs cleaned. There's nothing like the feeling you get when you've felt bad about not scrubbing the bathtub for weeks, and without having said anything you just come home one day and it's sparkly clean.

I like to have someone who offers to go out and get me chocolate when I've had a bad day at work.

And someone who sleeps for an extra ten minutes while I make a fried breakfast. Or just bring some cereal back to bed along with the paper.

Someone who really likes to start with the sports section so I can read both the broadsheet and the G2 without receiving resentful looks.

And of course, I like being around someone who disagrees with me, that I can argue with and then make up with, someone who challenges me as a person and genuinely disagrees with me and therefore offers me an alternative perspective on dishwashing, international politics, hoovering frequency, financial planning and folding of socks.

In short, I just really like living together. But not just with anyone, I like living with J. Surely this must be a good sign? I've realised for the past week or so that I'm still as much in love with him now as I was before we started going out properly. That must mean something. I can only hope that it means something for him too.

I plan to behave extremely well for the next month so he'll realise his life would be a lot more well fed and nicely cuddled if he lived with me permanently.

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  1. Wow !!!
    Thats was some description !

    Hope you two remain forever in ~LoVe~.

  2. What a beautiful description of what "it" means. Come live with me, and clean my toilet ;-)


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