Monday, 7 November 2005

Multiple personalities

A nice weekend afterall.

But first, let me do some girlie complaining. Because I felt in a good mood today, I decided to wear a skirt to work rather than the usual 'jeans frilled at the bottom/trainers no longer fit for running in' ensemble.

I paired a tweed skirt with a white t-shirt. Then I put a coat on and a black pashmina. D'oh! I now look like a sad woman who rubs up against her cats a lot before going into work. Not really the effect I was looking for!

Spent y'day at the V&A which was really lovely. They have these interactive learning stations for each time period, and my friend and I got quite hooked on the interactive quizzes, trying to get 10 out of 10.

Speeking of geekdom displayed to the public. The machines are probably mostly meant for kids and all. But now we know that Palladianism only lasted for about 30 years in the UK and that Rococo items often are asymmetrical. How we have hitherto lived without knowing this I don't know.

Anyway. So S and I had a really good time.

Even though S and I don't see each other that often, she is really one of my favourite people in London. She's outgoing, straightforward, intelligent and funny. When she's not with her boyfriend that is.

When S's boyfriend is around, she really is a whole different person. She becomes a girlfriend with a capital G. Now I know that she in general wouldn't mind being a lunching lady with lots of kids and a really tidy house, but when he's not there, this doesn't keep her from being fun.

When he's there, it's as if she acts the way she thinks maximises her chances of achieving the above.

This means never making any lewd jokes, constantly saying things like "well, we think that [fill in random coupledom here], don't we" while looking at her boyfriend, and never contradicting any of the often ridiculous things he says, but nodding supportingly.

I do think they are good together and they truly love each other, which is more than I can say for my own relationship. However, I don't see how you can live with another person if you have to hide something that's quite a big part of your personality all the time.

S is not the only person I know who is like this. Other friends of mine, including several guys, suffer from the same syndrome. I like to think I don't.

Although I make an effort not to offend J or his friends as I'm quite outspoken, I think he'll just have to live with the parts of me he doesn't agree with.

You could maybe argue that S is fun when her boyfriend isn't there precisely because she saves all her 'best' bits for her girlfriends. But let me tell you that before they lived together she was always that much fun.

She used to be quite a wild girl, which of course he has no idea about. I don't want her to be a wild girl as I realise we're no longer 21, but I wish she wouldn't let him tell her not to eat big portions of food cause it's not womanly and she could get fat.

Do people compartmentalise their lives and personality deliberately, or is it one of these things where you wake up and you've done it and then you don't know how to undo it? And if so, could any of my true friends out there please kick my shin very hard if I ever utter the "we..., don't we" thing in public.

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  1. Good going. But, the title could well have been this - Versatilities.

  2. Hey hey now, there is nothing wrong with a tweed skirt and a white T or a sad woman who rubs up against cats before going into work! Nope Nope Nothing wrong with that! Just because I rub up against my dog before I go into work...ohh sorry, never mind, what was I saying? LOL!
    Yeah, sadly I think (also I am not proud to admit too) people do compartmentalize their lives deliberately. I am not the same person that I am around my friends that I am around my (at the time) my boy friend. I also see the trend in my friends. They are not the same in front of their "soul" mates or husbands...which why are we like that?

    Yeah I guessed you were a psych m. ….by the words you use and the way you analyze things.... nicely done!


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