Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Phone angst

Long weekends are lovely. I had almost forgotten how lovely. I can't remember the last time I had one, but it must have been back in July or something.

I have actually had a very nice weekend. I went to the cinema and saw Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang which despite the lame title is by the way highly recommended (Woody Allen meets David Lynch on medication), did some shopping, saw friends, overordered in a restaurant. All as it should be.

Sadly, however, J was as earlier mentioned was away. We kept in touch by text as he hadn't brought his mobile charger and only switched his phone on twice a day to check it. I didn't mind this as he was leaving, but it started annoying me after a few days.

We deeply disagree on mobile phones. I am surgically attached to mine, and never switch it off except if I'm in the cinema or a job interview. I sleep with it on my pillow and use it as an alarm in the morning. It reminds me to take my contraceptive pill every day and of people's birthdays.

I don't always answer it, but if I hear it I usually do, even if I'm busy, just for a quick "I'm busy, but I'll call you back as soon as I can". I always check my messages.

J claims this is an age thing. Because I'm five years younger, I've grown up with phones. I've had one at my disposal since about 1993. That's a long time. My friends are all the same. I'm used to knowing I can get a hold of people at any time.

He is the opposite. He used to switch his phone off all the time, or have it on silent and check it about once a day. In my opinion this defies the whole point of a mobile phone. It drives me nuts.

This weekend, my thinking went as such: 50% of his text messages were asking if I was OK. If he really wanted to know, why didn't he call me?

Secondly, when I'm away, he calls me every day, at least once a day. I always answer my phone, even when I'm abroad and it costs a fortune.

I think I normally wouldn't mind the phone thing so much, but because I feel insecure in our relationship, and more so if he's not around, I need it as a reassuring lifeline.

I decided to confront him about the two points above as soon as he got home, unless he returned with an engagement ring in which case I thought it would be a little thankless.

He returned with artichokes in olive oil, which was also nice. And of course I didn't say the things I'd been thinking (no phone => no love etc. etc.). It was all Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, really.

The weather was really great as well; after having Technorati tags:

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