Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Sad, sad people

And for once I'm not referring to J here.

I went for a jog in the park, and as I was stretching afterwards (no inappropriate bending over, just unattractively red-faced and sweaty leaning on brick walls) the following conversation took place.

SCENE1 - Park / Exterior / Daytime

ALEX (Early 20s, dark hair, kitted out in full football gear including ball, heavy southern European accent. Not entirely unattractive): (Casually, in passing) Do you know what time it is?

J'S GF (Wearing black jazzpants and very sweaty washed out top, stretching left hamstring): Don't know, but there's a clock on top of that building over there.

ALEX: (Smiles and nods, making no attempt to look at said building)

(A beat)

ALEX: So, how old are you?

J's GF (Stretching right hamstring): 27. Bet that's older than you thought.

(A beat)

ALEX: So, how long have you lived in London?

J's GF: Over three years now.

(A beat)

ALEX: I'm Alex. What's your name?

J's GF (stretching right calf): It's J's GF.

(A beat)

ALEX: Can I have your phone number?

J's GF: I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate it if I gave out my number to completely random men.
(Gets ready to leave, starts walking away)
Then again, it's always worth asking, I guess... Keep up the good work!

ALEX: Bye!


OMG! What's with people? Do men really get that desperate? I'm not a headturner at best, but honestly, after a 4k run especially not.

So I lied to Alex; J wouldn't really give a toss who I gave my number to, especially since we both know I would never dream of calling anyone with chat-up lines that poor. "What time is it?" Err, do you come here often? Arrgh!

Also, the reason he didn't reply when I said it's always worth a try was clearly (judging from his facial expression) that he didn't understand what I was saying. I am thinking he was trying to chat someone up having completed lesson 2 in English as a 2nd language 101.

What makes certain men think that you're really so interested that you'd give them your nummber if you haven't made any attempt to find out anything about them? Why did Alex, for instance, fail to notice that I didn't return any of his questions?

Now you could argue that I led him on by answering his questions. But I'm quite open and polite and I don't want to become one of those people in London who refuse to acknowledge strangers even if they appear to be bleeding to death because one of their limbs have just been cut off. I thought at first that he genuinely wondered what time it was. I was wearing a long-sleeved top and could have been wearing a watch.

It's just sad. I just keep thinking that people like that will never manage to get laid. And then when they do, they won't use a condom because they don't know how to pronounce it, and then their partner will get pregnant and produce more people who think that "so, how long have you been in London" constitutes intelligent chat.

The men who hang out outside my local Muslim centre, on the other hand. When I walk past, they nod at me, I smile back and then they say "how are you today", entirely without staring at my chest.

I don't know if the nice Muslim men ever work since they always hang out there when I am going to work, but most importantly they're polite. After a few weeks of friendly "how are you"'s, I might be ripe for a "pity about the weather today". Or maybe even a subtle "excuse me, do you have the time?".


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