Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Still loving Starbucks

So I went back to the Starbucks to pay for my Gingerbread flavoured syrup. It turned out, as I checked the shelf, that it was a measly £3.99.

I put a bottle on the counter and said, "I know you'll think I'm a complete mentalist for doing this, but I inadvertedly stole one of these last week and I'd like to pay for it now."

Cue staff member number one gathering all present colleagues (there were three of them) around to hear the ridiculous backstory. Then he refused to let me pay for the bottle, saying I should have it for free for my honesty. I said my mum said I had to pay for it (true).

The girl colleague said it was incredibly unusual for people to come back with goods they hadn't paid for; "most people would just be glad to get away with it, innit" (she seemed to be of that rare breed of native British coffee shop workers).

They then offered to give me a coffee for the money I was giving them, but since the girl last time around had already given me free coffee I felt this a little ridiculous. Also I didn't really have time to sit down or carry a cup around.

In the end they gave me a voucher for a drink. I have photographic evidence of this:

Now you wouldn't get that in any kind of coffee place, would you.

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