Sunday, 6 November 2005

Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are, I think, one of the main reasons to be in a relationship.

I used to quite like going to church when I was a kid, but since I moved to the UK, I've not been. There's too much talking about how being gay is a sin, and there's no female bishops. It's a bit much.

So Sundays these days are all free to lounge in the park and celebrate each other, which is surely what believing in God is mostly about anyway; loving each other I mean. Some days, when the weather is nice, I like to think He prefers us being out in the nature he created, rather than in churches we've built ourselves.

Anyway, though, God or not, Sundays are better with a boyfriend.

The other morning, J was staying over and for once neither of us were in a rush for anything.

He brought me honey cheerios and apple pie in bed, and we did the Guardian crossword. He likes to be secretary as I'm too impulsive which always leads to crossing out of a lot of words. Plus, he can tell without counting that "counterbalance" has 14 letters.

Handy, cause it gives me two hands to eat with.

And the day is usually yours on a Sunday. You can watch five episodes of 24, or go for a walk, or ride the bus all day.

And all those time-wasting things are better with a partner. If it's a Partner with a capital P, chances are you wake up with them for a cuddle, and there's no need to trek to the nearest tube station, or spend time on the phone arranging around 'planned engineering works'.

Sometimes, of course, it's nice to spend the Sunday curled up alone in a chair while reading a book, not talking to anyone.

But even that is actually better if you're getting a foot rub at the same time.

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  1. :) hmmm 'n' what about sat nites ..just kdding. wish you are always with J and every day u wake up you feel its like sunday!


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