Saturday, 5 November 2005

Walking the plank

Sometimes with J I feel like I'm walking along a very narrow plank surrounded by X-Files style fog.

I don't know whether the plank is a bridge, or the kind that pirates used to make prisoners jump off of.

Obviously I'm hoping for the bridge option, but it's hard to tell.

Especially since now when I turn around to look back, I can't really tell where I came from. Was it a ship? Was it dry land? Obviously if it was the bank of a river I'd have a better shot than if it turned out to be a ship.

It's funny how being in a relationship can be so all-consuming. I didn't think I'd ever be that kind of girl, but yesterday I was sitting all alone at home and feeling really lonely because both J and my flatmate are away this weekend.

Then, when I checked my email today, there was a message from my friend S from a few days ago, asking if I wanted to hang out this weekend.

The reason I didn't call her was that she only ever wants to spend time with me if her boyfriend is busy doing other stuff. I suspect she didn't call me either for the same reason. Cringe! I'm the kind of girl who only calls her friends when her boyfriend is away. What's wrong with me? OK, so I've seen three other friends on separate occasions this week, but that was also when J was busy.

S and I are both making up for our stupidity by going to one of London's fabulous galleries tomorrow, probably eating cake and discussing our boyfriends a lot less than you'd think in the process.

Have I turned into that kind of girl? I partly have I guess since I didn't even call her, despite J being away. Everyone else has slipped away a little on my radar.

Maybe it will help now that J is moving closer to me. He is looking at a house literally ten minutes from mine; having him there would be great. Although I would ideally live with him, of course.

Oh my god. Get me on the IKEA mailing list and burn my University diploma now.

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  1. Oooooh babe....I wish that narrow plank is like a thread -- So that oyu remain very close to J -- and its looooooong enough to last for your reincarnations.

    *sighs* "U too Brutus!" - Julius Caesar

    Even he was betrayed. are a good girl...aren't you ?

    Tell me ....why-on-earth are u hiding S's name too ? Well...whoever she is ,,,,u better keep ur distance with girls.

    Meet you on 10th.

    ***By the way...does J stand for Justine :( ***

  2. Nope, not Justine either... Might as well stop guessing. I initial everyone to avoid jigsaw identing. Thanks for reading!


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