Thursday, 22 December 2005

How I think Christmas should be

Got home, there's a tree, cookies, lovely dinner and my lovely parents. I can already tell it's going to be good. Strangely, both me and my brother have found partners from strangely dysfunctional families, but I don't want to think about that for now.

J thinks I'm adorable when we're here, probably because I'm so happy and not homesick.

What belongs at Christmas for me:

  1. Church going. There should be church going at least once. I consider myself Christian but never usually go. On Christmas eve it's just lovely, with everyone dressed up and inevitably two spoilt brats on the row ahead of you, sceaming for sweets the whole way through the service. The minister says things that are relevant to people and doesn't ever talk about hell and damnation. I like that
  2. Snow. It only snows where I'm from about every 4 years on average. But snow does make it more Christmas'y
  3. A stocking. These days, I also prepare one for my parents, but my mum still does one for me and my current boyfriend. J is getting the Guardian in his, I'm getting a comic book
  4. Roast pork. An obscene amount for dinner, then a second helping around midnight after coffee, cakes and gifts. Just to remind me why I'd never want to be vegetarian
  5. Stuffing and roast potatoes. It's living in Britain that's done that to me. Before I used to be happy with plain boilt ones. And cranberry sauce can also be nice.
  6. Breakfast in pyjamas on Christmas Day. My mum says there are only two acceptable outfits; dressy or pyjamas. I like to opt for the dressing gown
  7. A walk with my best friend on Christmas Day. We've done it every year since we were about ten, when it used to be the only thing we were allowed to leave the house for on this holiest of days
  8. Cinema followed by drinks on Boxing Day. This year, I was going for Narnia, but it clashes with Liverpool. So football followed by drinks. Narnia to follow on the 27th
  9. Spending three days in a row with my family.
  10. Seeing all my friends who are off work for a whole week. That truly only happens once a year

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  1. your church shouldn't preach hell and damnation the other days of the week all the time either. boo.

    Yay for movies and alcohol.

    Merry Christmas!!!


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