Saturday, 10 December 2005

Is it cause I don't like football??

I'm in the pub, watching the Liverpool/Middlesborough game (or at least I'm assuming that's who the blue people were). I watch it for about 68 min. There are no goals.

J's friend starts saying he can see this turning into a 0-0 game. J says that it's when people start saying things like that, that teams end up not scoring.

I don't actually not like football. I used to play football myself. Naturally I always sucked (although less so since I moved to the UK), but I do know my offside from my corners and you do get to see men's legs, so generally I don't mind. I just can't really bring myself to care who wins, unless it's the World Cup or something (did anyone else watch the draw? It was like the Eurovision but with no music!).

So for as long as I am there, looking at the screen, umm-ing and ah-ing along with everyone else, nothing happens.

There are lots of chances, Gerrard is doing some good work and Riise is as ugly as ever, but noone scores. They seem to lack that certain je ne sais quoi, or whatever it's called in football.

I eat my food, leave the pub, get into the office 10 min later. Literally ten minutes later.

As nothing is working on my PC, I call IT support. I hear Sky sports in the background. "Watching the football?" I ask the Scottish IT guy (I recognise his voice from our frequent and relatively pleasant phone exchanges, but have no idea what he looks like, or indeed whether he cares about English football).

"Yeah", he says. "2-0 to Liverpool".

I scramble for Sky on the office TV. I find it. There's been yellow cards, possibly red cards, AND TWO GOALS! SINCE I LEFT THE PUB!

Is this a coincidence? Or was it my innter lack of enthusiasm which put a damper on the game until I wasn't watching it anymore? Uncanny if you ask me.

Anyway. The point I really wanted to make, was that as we made it to the pub, five minutes before game was starting, there were no tables free.

Also I was the only woman in there, except the bar maid and someone I could only see from behind who might have been a very ugly woman or a slightly voluptuous man. What do British girls do in the weekend between 1300-1500? Where are they? Shopping?

But I digress again.

So I ask this guy who's clutching a pint at his table if it's OK if we share it, there's only the three of us and it's a big table. He says yes.

We sit down, peruse the snack menu, chatting about other stuff, and the guy says, "I'll move over here, cause I'm here to watch the footie." "So are we," I say, "no worries".

"Oh, it's OK," he says, "I'm not staying till the end, my girlfriend is arriving."

I just think that's bizarre. That's just evil. You can not go to a pub and force your boyfriend out of there 15 min before the game is over. Your mum's lunch can wait.

Girls drag their husbands shopping for hours on end, which is quite a hateful experience if you don't like shopping. So how come they can't stick it out for a couple of hours in the pub once a week?

Or is it that the boyfriends don't invite them along? J always insists I come if I'm not doing anything else. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think he likes to have something uplifting to clutch should Liverpool fail him (which they often do, although not as much as would have been the case a few years ago I guess).

I always thought part of being in a relationship is doing things you wouldn't otherwise. When you do something with someone who really enjoys it, and you really like them, the activity becomes more enjoyable because it's nice to see the person you like enjoying themselves.

I don't mean at all that you have to do everything together, all the time, but I think it's wrong to refuse to come along to something just because 'it's not your thing'.

Maybe me watching football isn't a good example, because I might end up doing it if I didn't have a boyfriend, although I probably wouldn't end up trekking to a pub on a Saturday morning.
Still, though, for me it's important to watch J enjoy things I enjoy, and I don't feel I can expect that without reciprocating.

So I keep taking him to Sci-fi and horror films (he recently fell asleep during Harry Potter, although he claimed to enjoy the first 90 min - that's football attention span for you), and he keeps taking me to football.

No, J, that's not the European cup.

I feel it's a good compromise.

Although maybe not if it makes Liverpool almost loose. I should probably make sure I always leave the pub 15 min early just in case.

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  1. What a great attitude. I'm dying to meet someone I can actually treat to a season ticket - mind you, I'd have to really love, her at £725 a shot!

  2. £725! I'll have the holiday to the Bahamas instead, actually...

    We were watching MotD last night and I was saying how ridiculous it is that watching football is so expensive.

    So what's your team?


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