Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Kudos to J

I know I occasionally do complain about J, such little and insignificant things as him not loving me etc., but for once, can I just spend a whole post saying how great he really is.

Last night was my office night out for Christmas; one of several but this was the big posh one, with dressing up, no partners allowed and, crucially, the free drinks. I am sure you can see where I'm going with this.

I made a proper effort and got a new outfit, which looked fantastic. J was very admiring, and that was the evening before when I was having a little dress rehersal fashion show in my living room deciding on accessories.

"You've gone for the classy act," he said (sounding surprised), "I don't ever think I've seen you look this good before." It was all very sophisitcated and sensible.

Of course, having hung up all night the straps of the dress had stretched a little, and I had to do some last second alterations to prevent my tits from falling out completely. This meant I didn't really have time to eat as much as I should have before leaving. Mistake number one.

As I arrived at the pub for pre-party drinks I thought I took it quite easy and only had two drinks. Then we went to the big party, and I was very sociable, making an effort to talk to people not in my department and such. I actually only had three more drinks. Admittedly two lethal coctails and a very large glass of red.

After a very personal conversation with my best friend P, where he routinely told me he wants to break up with his girlfriend (she's actually very nice and he's only actually gone through with it once), he told me I'd had enough and should head home. This was probably around 2300.

For once, I decided to heed his advice and got on the tube. At first I thought I felt fine, but after a while I started to look longingly at people with plastic bags. You know that's not a good sign.

After about 6 stops I decided, probably wisely, to go outside, get some fresh air, and finish the journey by bus. At the bus stop I called J and told him I was coming home; apparently I'd also asked him to wait up.

When I got home I felt miserable, I knew I was going to be sick and that it wouldn't be pretty. J was soooo sweet! He lined a paper basket with bags and even tried to put a couple of fingers down my throat, which didn't do much (he should know that from my blowjobs, although sex was probably not on his mind at the time) but it was a nice gesture.

I was violently ill twice and then went to sleep. He held my hand all through the night and fed me banana and water from the fridge before going to work this morning (I was still drunk).

I think that's a really good sign; he was still kissing me this morning although I must have been exceedingly disgusting. Also, I know he'll be capable of taking care of sick children should we ever have any. Which is good, because I actually have emitofobia; I think my slack gag reflex is a psychological byproduct of this.

Having spent all day feeling rather ill and weak, it is good to know that tonight is J's office night out. Although I have to say I hope I won't have to repay the favour.

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