Tuesday, 6 December 2005

New Tory leader

I was just watching Cameron at the Royal Academy, surrounded by a host of young Tories in stylish clothes. It is
a) uncanny how much he looks and sounds like a Tory Blair
b) incredible that there are that many young and good-looking Tories. Who have time to hang around in a staircase at 1550 on a Tuesday afternoon. Don't these people have jobs or something? Or maybe they just inherited lots of money.

I always thought that to be Conservative you'd have to be either relatively selfish or relatively stupid.

If you're rich, you're obviously not going to want to share your wealth, and you don't need good public services as you can send your kids to a posh single-sex public school and use private hospitals for your Botox.

If you're not rich and still Conservative, you must be a little stupid. Because the rich people obviously don't want to share with you (see above), so what is the point of voting for a party which allows them to not share? I get the American dream thing, obviously, but ask anyone working for Walmart in Ohio and they'll tell you it is just that; a dream.

Despite this, the UK's next prime minister looks increasingly likely to be called David, which is a little depressing. I feel like retreating to a country with a government which has the decency to at least pretend being social democratic.

I am also amused at how Cameron was mentioning the problem with 90% of Tory MPs being white males, and how he is going to remedy this by bringing in women. Funnily he didn't mention anything about non-whites. But I guess that in the Tory heartland of countryside England there aren't that many of them around anyway.

Give me a public service working, Guardian-reading man that can help me breed a new generation of Socialist revolutionaries any day. Oh wait, I have one already. Thank God for that. England; stick your Tory Blair up your arse.

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  1. Absolutely. And while you're at it, stick Blair up there too.


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