Tuesday, 24 January 2006

10 great things about working nights

  1. Sleeping in as late as you want without needing to make excuses
  2. Having the house all to yourself all day
  3. Never having to pay peak fares on the tube
  4. Bringing in Chinese takeaway early dinner deals for lunch
  5. Sneakily watching crap overnight TV at work
  6. Seeing the cleaning staff at work, and getting a chance to say thanks for them keeping the place in order
  7. Driving home at 0545 in the morning and trying to hit seagulls who think they are safe eating scraps of food off the road
  8. Looking into houses on your way home and seeing people get up and ready to face the scrum on the tube, when your bus was almost empty and only took 10 minutes
  9. Making a lovely breakfast for your boyfriend before he wakes and having it on the balcony as the sun is coming up
  10. Sleeping diagonally across the whole double bedbecause your partner's already gone to work

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