Thursday, 26 January 2006

Decision time :: HNT 2

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I woke really early this morning and felt wide awake. I called J, who told me to go back to sleep not to freak out about any pending decision making until I had talked to the TV station manager about The Job Offer.

And of course I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. Then I realised that due to time zone differences etc. it was completely acceptable to call him at stupid o'clock British time. So I went for the phone.

It was funny, as soon as he answered and I said who I was, I could tell he remembered me, even though we only met once about three years ago.

"The key question is," he said, "how soon could you get out of the job you're doing now?"

And clearly even if I were to resign from my present job, we'd be talking at least weeks before I'd be available. He needed someone sooner than that.

I was off the hook. For now.

So we agreed I should be in touch again before the summer; maybe I could save up some holiday and go to stay with my parents to work for him then for a short period to try it out.

I was so relieved. I realised there and then that I don't really want to go back, not even for a superb job. If I went back, it would be becaues it seemed like the sensible thing to do; I wouldn't be following my heart.

So I slipped back under the covers (having managed to make this potentially life-changing call without actually ever leaving bed) and slept like a baby for another three and a half hours.

And then I locked myself out of my flat, and J had to come rescue me with my flatmate's keys. But that's a whole other story.

Oh, and it's HNT today... I realise it's early, but here's my contribution.

Can you believe I received an 'E' in A-level art? Me neither
It's a 'body landscape', or at least I like to call it that because it sounds artsy.

It's also significant for today because it's taken in said bed where important phone calls were made earlier on.

It's funny; I actually get quite aroused taking pictures of myself naked. In fact sufficiently aroused enough to have a solo orgasm this morning for lack boyfriend present.

I never thought I'd feel that way about seeing myself naked in pictures; I did a nude photo session with an ex once, and it was possibly the least sexy thing I've ever experienced.

Although we also experimented with a film camera which was a lot more fun. Probably because it made me feel I wasn't really in on the sex act, only watching it.

In fact, this is all so interesting that you should all come back for my next post, which will be about the least sexy things I've ever experienced. Cringgge. Any heat and moistness from my solo HNT session hereby gone just by thinking of that.

You know you don't want to miss it. Hit that blogrolling button before it's too late.

And then I'll give J a polaroid camera for Valentines so the fun can really start.


  1. Nudescapes are real art, and it takes a real artist to pull one off.

    Top it all off -- you are your own model.

    Hats off to you. Glad you're having so much "fun" with your art.

  2. Solo orgasm huh? Yeah, I can relate...

    Beautiful picture....the landscape is amazing!


  3. Well! Lovely picture and lovely photo too! HHNT!

  4. That's a beautiful nudescape! Love the ligthing, you look like caramel! Happy HNT

  5. that is a beautiful photo. love the imagery.

    happy hnt.

  6. A beautiful shot, truly. And your enjoying the process makes it so much the better. Happy HNT!

  7. Hey!!
    Great body landscape!! I definitely know what you mean..there is something so sexy about taking nude pics..and it is sexy knowing people are going to see it and be a little aroused as well hehe...HHNT!

  8. That is just beautiful! I feel like I could drive a little Matchbox car over your curves.

  9. I love this pic... great effect... WTF was your former teacher/prof thinking? Obviously no taste!

  10. Hey kid,

    Is that your right leg? A right leg? Nice carpet though...slightly adds to the sexiness of the photo.

    All these commenters agree, they're too afraid to say so! ha!

    We've publihsed an excellent couple of articles if you're interested to know! ^_^

  11. Blasphemy! Your art teacher was obviously on crack.

  12. As it happens, I feel like I could have a solo orgasm after looking at that photo :-)

    Happy HNT x

  13. Oh, I would seriously love a polaroid cam too.. Great idea you have there!

  14. Thank you for the kind wishes for my sister's health. I am still in San Diego, helping out with her house and office work, but since she is getting stronger with each passing day, I hope to be able to go back soon, as I am getting quite homesick for Tokyo.
    I love the photos!!
    Hugs, Marie

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