Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Manic Tuesday

I am genuinely feeling very good today! Why this is I can't tell. The weather here in London is decidedly lousy, I'm almost broke although it's only the 3rd of the month and J is busy tonight seeing his friend.

I haven't felt this good for ages. It's like my brain is suddenly working again. I should have known something good was to come yesterday when I managed to complete the whole of the Guardian quick crossword without J's help.

10 theories for this hitherto inexplicable burst of happiness:

  1. I might be inches away from finishing Final Fantasy X, which I've been working on since 2005
  2. I've been reminded over Christmas that no matter how far away I am, my family and friends love me and I love them back
  3. I've decided I'll definitely change careers, even if it'll cost me unknown amounts of everything. I know I want to spend the rest of my life, so I have to
  4. I am quite optimistic that J and I will actually last. The last psychoanalysis of the issue is in retrospect quite convincing in that respect
  5. I can spend all day home alone reading books and eating Pringles
  6. My cold is better
  7. I decided in Church at Christmas that God probably doesn't care that much that I never go there
  8. My body has inexplicably and all of a sudden come to terms with the moodswing-inducing chemicals of the estrogen-only pill after almost a year
  9. I had a fantastic orgasm whilst masturbating in the bath this morning
  10. Happiness is actually a state of mind, and not down to circumstance
    Suddenly, I have energy. I have forgiven all of yesterday's gripes, want to learn three differnt new foreign languages at once and have finally unpacked my suitcase after Christmas.

10 things which suddenly don't seem annoying anymore

  1. J's commitment issues
  2. Depressive Flatmate
  3. Imminent lack of job security / potentially having to move flats very soon
  4. J's potentially sociopathic mother, who btw forgot to unpeel the Harrods sale label from the Christmas present she got me because I got her something, then pretended she had it lying around all along and just 'forgot' to hand it over before Christmas
  5. All the fundamentalist or just downright boring blogs on Blogexplosion
  6. My dad, who normally drives me up the wall by treating me like I'm still 12 and refusing to admit that smoking has been scientifically proven to be bad for you
  7. The flab I imagine I've accumulated around my waist over Christmas
  8. Being bored in a job I'm clearly overqualified for
  9. Missing my friends and family more each day
  10. Not having anyone to hang out with today because all normal human beings are at work

    Has anyone else noticed anything suspicious which might indicate massive doses of Prozac in the London drinking water lately? All the grumpiness from yesterday seems just a distant memory. And I haven't even got laid.

    Well, as long as I'm not pregnant I'm going to flutter away from here and celebrate my last day home alone by playing Final Fantasy all evening.

    Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

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  1. That's the answer - don't have sex :-)

    Seriously, what a great feeling. Bottle it, sell it, retire. Then read and eat Pringles.

  2. Yes, maybe those Buddhist monks had a point afterall...


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