Thursday, 5 January 2006


I am not a superstitious person (*goes on to contradict that in next sentence*) but sometimes I really do think strong emotions of people you're close to can rub off in this way, even if you're miles away.

You might remember how good I said I was feeling on Tuesday for no good reason.

Just after posting that day, I went to look at another blog I maintain with childhood friends. My best friend had posted early that morning to say that she'd been successful in her application for a very good job she interviewed for before Christmas. Naturally she was ecstatic.

H and I have known each other since we were 5 and have been best friends since we were 10. We've never had an argument, mainly because we're so different that being in the frame of mind for arguments would mean arguing about everything all the time, especially since we're both quite stubborn.

We used to do that thing all the time where you pick up the receiver and the person you're about to call is already at the other end. Naturally since we used to call each other every day the statistical chances for this to happen were probably quite high, but it never happened to me with anyone else.

I naturally rushed to the phone as soon as I saw the news and gave her a ring, she told me that although this means she'll probably be staying in the town where she presently lives, of which she is not awfully fond, for another handful of years, she's very happy and will celebrate by buying a flat with her boyfriend.

And it struck us both that we're growning up. I am obviously somewhat hampered by my commitment phobic boyfriend, but still. Two years ago we were all single and moving to countries all over the place. Now people are buying houses.

J also came home with good news on Tuesday evening; his best friend is pregnant (or at least his wife is). I'm quite excited. I am excited about someone being pregnant! This is completely abnormal.

I was never one of the babysitting girls when I was little, and I don't have a scrapbook with wedding dresses and house interiors in it.

I'm sure all people get to a stage where they suddenly have an urge to get married and have children, but I think most of them are more prepared for feeling this way than I am.

I can't help feeling I've had a bit of a personality transplant.

Now I'm just waiting for H to call me to tell me she's got engaged. She firmly believes it's 'men's work' to propose (I told you we were different), and now that her boyfriend's best friend is getting hitched this summer, I think it's only a question of time.

Well, at least that'll give me another day of feeling really good.

J, get your arse in gear.

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  1. If you're telepathic, what am I thinking? Are you blushing?

  2. I am young enough to slightly shudder at the thought of marriage...^_^


  3. That's exciting!

    I guess growing old isn't so bad...but I'm feeling iffy about it too. Let's just hurry and find the fountain of youth!

  4. I shudder slightly too, but that could be due to what WKDY is thinking...


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