Monday, 2 January 2006

Who? Me?

Someone has asked me my name.

As much as I try to resist digressing and blogging about blogging, I feel unable to resist on this one occasion.

A rose by any other name...It happened a few days ago, in my last post of 2005, see comments at the bottom.

The editor of citizen news site Wanabehuman asked me if I have a name.

Of course I have a name!

However, I think it's bordering on rude to ask it.

If I wanted everyone to know my name, the title of this blog would probably be 'Jason's girlfriend Catriona' or someting. But it's not.

He is not the first to ask.

But in the past, people have at least had the courtesy to email me to build up a personal relationship before asking (I've still said no, but at least I can see why they thought it fit to ask).

The most discreet ones will build up email conversations and then casually drop their own name into the signature. When I don't respond with mine, they always get the hint.

But no such pleasantries from this guy; he's just asked me outright in a comment, none of which indicates he's even read my blog.

Why does it matter? In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't. There is nothing on this blog that incriminates me, no animal sex, pedophilia or ridiculous political standpoints.

At length I've said something slightly bitchy about someone you could possibly identify if you knew who I was.

The fact of the matter is, I just don't want people to know who I am. I thought that was obvious; there is nothing on my blog which directly identifies me, and that's because I want to be anonymous.

It bothers me when people ask because I don't see why they'd be interested in knowing exactly who I am. I am sharing my writing with them, and am for the most part not interested in sharing my non-virtual self. I clearly have a boyfriend so neither am I really a potential partner.

Also, due to J's somewhat fragile psychological state, I think anonymity is best for him. He would really hate it if someone came up and said "I read on your girlfriend's blog that [fill in personal detail here]". Even if it was just whether or not we share toothbrushes (which we don't, as a rule).

I could of course tell the bloke who asked what my name is, it's a very common name and is highly unlikely to help him identify me.

But I don't want to and I'm not going to.

I don't see why the guy wants to know. He's like one of these people who reads gossip mags because they want to know every last detail about someone they will most likely never meet in real life, as if it helps them get closer to them.

So much for leaving encouraging comments on ramdom people's blogs.

To read about how important personal freedom is and other quite well-written leftist rants, visit Wanabehuman's blog, but be prepared to have your privacy probed in return.

And to Wanabehuman's editor, should he come back to see this, I am sorry that you were the straw to break the camel's back on this occasion. I hope no offense is taken.

But hey, it might lead more people to read your blog...

And that's what we all want, isn't it.

Not personal fame.

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  1. Hang on... are you saying that J's Girfriend isn't really your name?


  2. No, I'm just trying to mislead that other guy who asked for my name, but don't tell anyone.

  3. Balderdash and piffle...

    Is the name of the programme I am watching on BBC2 on the origin of words.

    We didn't mean to cause offence by asking your name, "Femie" (as I have now named you - accept and move on).

    And we didn't take offence at the "complaint" either. Though I would say that the Wanabehuman weblog is not just left-wing, but middle- and righ-wing also - in fact, we always try to maintain a balance of sorts. Read our 'About Me' section.

    So, do you mind if we plug you in our blogrolling column? We think your rants are fabulously psychotic! Actually, we're going to plug you in anyway, this is just paperwork ^_^

    Senior Editor, Wanabehuman

  4. What happened to my link on your site? I know I was gone for an extended time, but, now my heart is broken.

    I'm mostly just kidding... but wondering if you'd throw it back up? I'm home free now and I need to rebuild my readership.

  5. But didn't you just give it away just now?

  6. Did I just give it away? Well, you can call me Catriona if it pleasures you!

    Mr Attfield; I apologise! You were lost during a redesign probably. Glad to see you're back though! And I've put your excellent blog back on the roll.

    And Wanabehuman; I've replied personally on your blog, BBC2 and blogging at the same time, you are indeed a glittering example of the multitasking modern Human.

    I hope you're saying 'we' because there's several of you, and not because my psychosis has infected you with multiple personalities ;o)


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