Thursday, 16 February 2006

Belated Valentine's :: HNT V

Yesterday, J and I had our first proper Valentine's day together.

To ignore the riveting story of how it went, and skip right to the nekkidness, click here.

Last year, J was too traumatised by the idea of actually being in a relationship to do anything at all.

The way to a woman's heart... Food always works
This year, as you will know, he had originally, in a brilliant display of man genius, arranged to see Liverpool play Arsenal, which only fell through because the guy he was seeing it with had to go on a date with his pregnant wife. Can't argue with that, really.

Last year I gave him a Molton Brown body wash which he's promptly put at the back of his cupboard and refused to use except for special occasions. I'm sure you can see a trend of bad gifts here.

The only time it got used was when we attended his best friend's wedding (coincidentally the fellow Liverpool fan mentioned earlier); the best friend had forgotten to bring any soap (surely an essential to be clean if you're getting married, you'd think, but apparently not) so the body wash came in very handy.

I also gave him a compilation tape, which to his defense he actually has listened to. Unfortunately it's so full of heartbreaking lovesongs that I can't bear to listen to it myself for more than two songs in a row.

This year I gave him a Liverpool wall calendar, discounted from Walmart, and a CD holder for the car, which went down a blast. You can't say I never learn.

He gave me two pairs of quite cute dangly earrings and a card that said "I'd give up my footie season ticket for one kiss from your sweet lips", and then on the inside, "Yeah Right!". In reference to the football match issue, obviously. I found it quite endearing.

Below the "Yeah Right!" he'd written "but a cuddle would do the trick." Aaaw.

He also gave me a pack of luxury fig and pecan cookies, which were delicious; he likes to back up any present with a food component, because if I don't like the actual gift, the food bit always goes down a blast.

Then he took me to a very posh Chinese restaurant; he refused to take me to the restaurant we usually go to for special occasions as he said we needed a change of scene.

I wore my new earrings and a skirt he likes, he wore a fleece because he came straight from work and finds it impossible to cycle wearing a long coat.

I managed to avoid crispy duck for a starter, and we had a creative and I must say very yummy selection of dishes, which might even have been slightly authentic judging by the ethnicity of our fellow diners. The restaurant was of course almost empty as every one else in the world had been out the night before.

J drank a glass of wine on an empty stomach as we waited between prawn crackers and starters, and promptly got a little tipsy.

At the end of a meal we did an emotional stock take, and we seem to be doing quite well.

Then we went home, played a round of board game and then had very satisfying sex before going to sleep -satisfying for us, that is; probably a lot less so for my flatmates who most likely had to listen to it. Best not to think about that too much.
J saw more than this last night, but still, happy HNT to you all!
All in all a lovely belated Valentine's day.

Now how do I get him to move in with me?

For some reason it doesn't seem as urgent as it did a while ago, partly because I feel more secure in the relationship so feel the need for reassurance less severely, and partly because I'm now rid of Depressed Flatmate and quite happy in my present flat.

Still, a man like that, I can't let him get away without buying me a house.

Meanwhile I'll eat my cookies and wait.


  1. Pretty shoulder :) Nice cookies too! HHNT

  2. very nice - j was fortunate indeed :) HHNT!


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