Friday, 10 February 2006

Blue sky minded

I long for summer. It's been a ridiculously long winter where I've not seen any daylight due to work on way too many days. I'm not claiming to have SAD or anything, but not seeing the sun for weeks on end can't possibly be at all healthy.

It really is a glorious day here today ("glorious day" being one of J's favourite expressions; often used in conjunction with driving to weekend break locations when the weather is particularily nice).

Spring is probably not far off, not that you'd think it in this cold. Apparently it's the same cold spell as passed Moscow a few weeks ago, leading to them doing extremist things like feeding Zoo elephants water laced with vodka to keep them warm. I mean, anything that makes the Russians part with their vodka has to be relatively severe.

I was having lunch today by the window, and the sun actually warmed me sufficiently to warrant the removal of a layer of clothing.

That 20 min burst of sunlight, even through a window, seems to have put me in a very summery mood.

I can't wait for it to get warm enough to allow for the wearing of ridiculously small skirts without running the risk of leg hypothermia, to lie in the grass in the back garden and stare at the growing courgettes (no visual pun intended!).

I'm feeling strangely complacent today, nothing seems to be annoying me and I'm not even that eager for the working day to end, despite it being Friday. This could, I suspect, be related to a mind-blowing (and just "blowing") session yesterday afternoon, although that would present an afterglow duration record.

I'll just have to pester J for a top-up when he gets back from work tonight.

You guys all have a lovely weekend too!


  1. How about moving to Oz with me... I have some space in my bags ;o]

    The days are getting bigger again, I think we are almost three again. Hang on in there.

  2. I am quite small, but I don't know if I can hold my breath for that long. Also I hear that cargo spaces in planes are quite cold and have weird air pressure..?

    Thanks for the offer though, it is a little tempting to just up and leave it all in someone else's luggage.

  3. Oh yes pervving visits from the crew are without doubt immininent!


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