Saturday, 25 February 2006

Giving up for lent

Re. my fat HNT post recently, it's actually fat Tuesday next week, or Mardi Gras as some people like calling it.

The British call it Pancake Tuesday, but that's because... I don't know. What's fat about pancakes? Well, maybe if you pile them high with smokey back bacon and maple syrup...

And you are no longer wondering why I love my mum

In my family we celebrate with custard filled donuts, almond filled sugar buns and fresh cream and jam filled brioches.

My mum was in action today, and amazingly, with my help, not one of the donuts burst. I can't wait till tomorrow (we celebrate it on the last Sunday before lent, rather than on the last day before, ie the Tuesday).

Now I like to call myself Christian, although I only go to church once a year at Christmas.

I find UK churches a bit preachy, not to mention cold. Ancient churches; nice to visit in the summer, not so nice to worship in in January.

I'm also not used to giving things up for lent (you can tell I'm a lapsed Protestant, can't you), but I'm thinking maybe this year I should.

I was asking one of my favourite colleagues, who suggested crisps. I have about a bag a day.

But I don't know. Crisps are just food.

As a Christian I feel that giving something up for lent should be about giving up something which gives you more time or space to think about God or at least something spiritual.

This is one of the reasons I find Ramadan a bit odd; it's like lent and Christmas rolled into one; abstinence in the day time and gorging at night. Any Muslim readers please feel free to tell me how wrong I am.

Above-mentioned colleague is not religious, but likes to give something up for lent because it gives mental space.

I am thinking I should give up either TV or Playstation. TV would probably be a bit difficult as I sometimes need to watch TV for work purposes, but Playstation should be a doodle. I think.

Not to say that it won't be a sacrifice. I am expecting serious withdrawal within the next month or so. I mean, what else would I fill those late night hours with? Especially when J is not there...

Yes, I think that's it. I'll give up Playstation for 40 days, except for if it's required of me socially (such as at the Singstar party my friend is having next weekend).

I will not sit up late at night and play, instead I shall go to the library, borrow a book about Islam and inform myself for the next month.

But before then, I am going to prepare for an even fatter HNT next week by having lots of those donuts at the party tomorrow...

And if anyone has any better suggestions for lent, bring 'em on. And I'm still open to general post suggestions as well.


  1. Is a doodle like a doddle? The donuts look lovely...

    My lot just have to fast for a day, and that's about as bad as it gets. I don't even do that, but then I'm a bit of a heathen.

  2. Well, I am muslim enough to observe Ramadan. Yes, most people tend to gorge at night but that was not the original idea. Personally, I find that I can eat very little after breaking the fast. During the day though,it really is nice not to have to worry about lunch and breakfast and the day starts really early, which somehow feels really good.So,I do get that feeling of mental space and peace.


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