Thursday, 23 February 2006

Having a fat HNT (VI)?

Yes, it's that time of the week agian. HNT, yes, but also Fat Time.

I go through a stage every week where I start feeling a little guilty about not exercising more (three evenings in a row in front of a TV do that to me).

And although I wake up in the morning feeling reasonably slim, my stomach, due to lack of tone, soon starts bulging, regardless of what I eat.

Honestly, this is what it looks like from my point of view
I am not fat. I probably weigh around 52 kilos (OK, maybe 53, and before you ask, I've no idea what that is in pounds) and I can feel muscle when I poke my bum cheek.

According to my grandmother, I've had a baby belly ever since I was actually a baby. As a child, I used to be thin as a stick, but with an inflated tummy.

There is not much fat there, it actually feels quite taut when you poke it.

Without going into gross detail (you can plead for more as a comment on the previous post if you really want to know) I guess a slightly dysfunctional digestive system hasn't really helped.

Sometimes I stay off dairy and wheat for a few weeks and it kind of helps, but it's impossible for me to sacrifice cheese and yoghurt for an extended period. Wouldn't want osteoperosis, anyway.

In addition I have a very curvy lower back, which helps my bum look great from every angle, but obviously makes the offending tummy stick out even more.

People have asked me if I'm pregnant, and I seriously wonder what it would look like if I was. I'd definitely be one of those women whose belly preceeeds them around corners by week 15.

Other girls want to be thin (already am), have bigger boobs (just in the way), blonde hair (too stigmatising), longer eyelashes (that's what mascara is for) and so on.

All I ever wanted was a flat stomach.

Yet when J looks at it, he doesn't see the above nightmare image, he just sees... a cute tummy.

Is it true love, or is it just that it looks worse from above than it does from the front?

Although at least I'm not one of those women who look like a muffin from the side.

A happy HNT to you all!


  1. Nothing wrong from where I'm sitting.... HHNT!

  2. Higher, higher... lower, lower...

    Happy HNT x

  3. A muffin from the side? I can't even picture that! Sexy is a lot more about the way a person carries herself than her particular shape, anyway. One of the sexiest women I know is shaped somewhat like a bear but she has no trouble hooking up. Point being, love yourself including your curves and flat spots and dimples and planes and others will too. :-)


  4. i mean i hate feeling that way not the picture

  5. I feel the same about Irish-her tummy is adorable & I love it-she hates it & is quite bothered by it... i think you are lovely, & thanks for sharing :) ~HHNT~

  6. Oh, there has been no lack of motivation on my site. Been bustin my ass....c'mon girl you can do it!

  7. Look at all of you nakedness junkies... a bit of nudity and you can't help yourselves! I'm going to have a FULL "nekkid" day EVERY day on my blog from now on, it certainly seems to be the way to get loads of readers...

  8. I have had the same baby belly since my teenage years. I too have been asked if pregnant when standing with my hips forward and a shirt untucked, I too am self-conscious about it and do a great ab program to no avail and the boyfriend does the same thing...strokes it, pinches it, all in an adoring fashion. Guess I'm stuck with it :)


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