Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Will link for suggestions

So because I'm so open to editorial intervention, I am asking you, my dear readers, what you would like for me to write about.

And of course, each accepted suggestion will be pre-ambled by a link to your blog or site of choice and a shameless plug of your own writing.
"A gift for detail and narrative", you say? Dear Bloggyaward reviewers, please go on...
What, you as, has brought on this sudden wind of change? Well, I've been reviewed by Bloggyawards!

They say that I could be a novelist... Well, if I was to ever become a novelist (which would be nice!), I suspect I'd be a bit of a review-whore.

No Bloggyaward for me, though... They say my scope is too narrow.

And I guess I could agree; I think I'm nearing the point where I've said all I need to say about J, at least until the next time he almost has a nervous breakdown.

In addition, it's almost springtime, though you wouldn't think it from looking outside; my ears almost fell off walking into work this morning. But disregarding the weather, it's time for spring and that means new input and ideas, innit?

In fact, when I get enough decent suggestions (decent as in "high quality", not necessarily as in "not colourful"), I shall devote a whole week to request posts. What say you?

Always wanted to know what I think of George Bush, or Snickers bars, or the latest bombings of Shia shrines in Samarra, or spring fashion, or Desperate Housewives?

Well if so, I'm all yours. Bring it on. I'll be going on a little holiday this weekend and will have plenty of time to think of something.


  1. You do write well.

    How about your love-affair with us? Write about that! Make it up if you must! ^_^

    But you love it when we ask you awkward questions! haha


  2. No disrespect, but I'm not really interested in reading your views on politics or current affairs, just as I'm not really interested in any online discussion of these topics. Unless you have a hidden gift for acerbic satire of course.

    I particularly enjoy your posts on topics such as "top 5 least sexy moments ever." More of them would go down well. A kind of humorous look at relationships, if you will.

  3. Ahem. Of course I have a secret aptitude for satire! It's more that I just don't find news satire that interesting most of the time. News are just depressing. If I want satire, I'll buy the Private Eye...

    Relationships, on the other hand, are funny. Thanks for basically indicating that I stick to my guns...

  4. Music darling, tell us about the music you like and dislike.


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