Saturday, 11 February 2006

Working woman

Sometimes it's nice to work in the same office as your boyfriend.

When I was going out with gay ex, we took a crappy student job at Sainsbury's, handing out Nectar cards.

"Would you like to be signed up for mailings from all the third parties we can possibly sell you on to?"
The Sainsbury's was, weirdly when considering their middle class core market, right next to a massive council estate, and we kept getting people who didn't know their own post code or what county their address fell in under.

Whenever any of them were rude, we'd sign them up for random things like 'yes, please, send me lots of useless information about the Sainsbury's Pet Club.

That's probably illegal.

Because we were quite poor (if not we probably wouldn't have taken that job…), we'd also follow the reduced to clear staff around and then pounce on the reduced shelf as soon as we finished our shift, which worked out nicely as the bulk of reductions were done at 1800, an hour before we finished.

It would have been an absolutely intolerable job, standing in a freezing cold supermarket wearing an oversized orange fleece jacket (NOBODY looks good in that colour except maybe some Asians) all day ticking boxes on a sheet for people who didn't know their post code.

Gay ex had impeccable middle class manners and was often commended on them by elderly customers. If only they'd known what he spent his spare time doing (included internet and boys).

But him being there made it bearable. Kind of like having your friends at school made German classes bearable because you could leer at the teacher behind his back, thereby creating a comfy sense of community which made the useless verb drills worth it.

As adults, we rarely have this pleasure of working with a whole group of close friends, and maybe it would drive me crazy anyway as I quite like to separate work friends from spare time friends for the sake of variety.

But tonight, J and I are at work together; my department is planning to order some Chinese for us poor souls who slave away here on a Saturday evening (OK, clearly not slaving that hard since I'm writing this, but I'm sure you could all think of more fun activities for the occasion), and J will come over from his office and eat with us. I'm quite looking forward to it.

Simply having a crush at someone at work makes the day pass so much faster.

And to all you who are wondering if you should pursue your crush on that cute girl in finance, let me tell you, having a partner at work is even better as long as you don't break up with them.

If you get bored, there's a plethora of broom cupboards in any decent office building.

Not to mention the photocopiers.


  1. Hummm… my experience is a little different… when things are not ok working together is a major disaster. I had a real nightmare with an ex that was a work colleague. It would take a really really cool guy to make me get into that situation again. They are very cute ;o] it takes a lot of control !!!

  2. I know what you're saying. When I was in school, I went out with a boy in my class, and when we broke up it was impossible to get over him because I had to sit two desks away from him for eight hours a day.

    You must work with a lot of men as well, so kudos to you! Not to mention all the hot Aussies you're bound to meet down under...

  3. I have had good and bad experiences dating men I work with. When I was younger, it was worse when we split, but now that I am older, I have chosen only men that I am friends with first to date and thesplits are much smoother. But it could create a stalker situation.....

  4. The cute girl works in personnel (or whatever it's called nowadays!) actually.

    Having said that, they would have to be exceptional for me to ask them out from work! Blimey, the risks weigh far heavier than the benefits, despite what you say, Al.



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