Thursday, 16 March 2006

Another day, another tummy :: HNT VIII

I did the quaterly pregnancy test yesterday, and if you have one look at this week's HNT picture, you might worry that it came out positive and that J by now has had a nervous breakdown.
But t'is not so.

The bloat, sadly, is merely due to lack of exercise and the excessive amount of French cheese, crusty bread and lush Spanish ham consumed by yours truly last night in good company with flatmate who brought the cheese back from holiday.

Yet, there's always that incredibly tense moment while the test strip (this time submerged in an empty, rinsed-out Actimel carton; very handy they are) is slowly being saturated with liquid, where the paper turns grey across one blue line, and then another, or not, depending on what kind of test it is.

The Boots ones have one line to show the test is finished and one to show you're not pregnant, which I always thought was a bit odd.

It must scare the living daylights out of people all the time who are used to tests that show that extra line if you are pregnant.

But as I said, of course I'm not pregnant this time either. My GP thinks I might have polycystic ovarian syndrome, but since I'm neither hairy nor spotty, I'm not so sure. Being on the progestone only pill can at any rate cause ovarian cysts.

Although I'll be really annoyed if I find in a few years that I've been on contraceptives for a decade whilst really there was no need.

Happy HNT, everyone!


  1. Still a cute belly!

    Happy HNT! :)

  2. You're GP's definitely wrong. Nice tummy, but do you NEVER answer emails?

    Happy HNT x

  3. If that's what a pregnant belly looks like i miss be carrying twins!

    Happy HNT

  4. uauu I go away fr a while and come back to pregnancy tests, it must have been a little scary for sure!!!
    Yea I agree with everyone Pot belly is cute :o)

    take care,


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