Monday, 20 March 2006

Big news

J has relented.

We were in bed on Saturday morning, or at least almost still morning as we both slept like a log until 1130.

For a small review of our cohabitation history, se here,here and here

"I wanted to talk about something," he said.

"I've decided I want us to live together. If you still want to."

Of course I still want to. I've been wanting to for months.

But for some strange reason I wasn't feeling ecstatic at the announcement.

And lo and behold, the moderating comment followed hot on the heels: "It doesn't mean I feel as confident about our relationship as you do," he said.

Strangely, I've heard that so many times now that I didn't even get a slightly sinking feeling. I don't know if this is a good sign.

"But," he continued, "I do think what we have is so good I should try to take care of it."

I felt a bit gloomy after that, and he apologised (as usual) for not being able to be more categorically positive.

The lease on his flat is coming up for renewal, and his therapist, although not explicitly saying so, appears to be my biggest fan, which is funny since we've never actually met. If only she was my mother-in-law...

We spent Saturday morning at the V&A, he was browsing Art Deco posters for the new flat we haven't found yet, and almost throughout the day my mood was rising on a steady curve.

He let me go to all the bits I wanted to see, and we got 9/10 on the interactive Jacobean quiz. Did you know that 3-D decorations were a feature of the Jacobean period? Me neither.

And we fit well together. I remember pointless features (the Renaissance in the UK featured Roman-inspired roundels and aquatic motifs) and he remembers numbers (what years did Henry VII reign? I have no idea).

For some reason I think we both felt then that moving in together is the right thing to do. In a way it almost feels like we have a home together in both the flats we live in at the moment. It's a nice feeling.

Of course there'll be arguments, but as J said, "I think it'll be fun."

So the top five things I think we'll argue about:

  1. Bedroom temperature (I like it freezing, J likes to keep the heating on all night)
  2. Bedtime (I like early nights, J likes sitting up)
  3. Me being bossy / telling him how to do stuff
  4. Him being anal
  5. Him having too much stuff and refusing to get rid of old copies of magazines

To be reviewed in a few months when we've actually made the move.

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