Monday, 6 March 2006

Just a nice weekend

Q - What is the advantage of someone burning down your boyfriend's kitchen?

A - He can't cook in it for ages, and therefore jumps at the chance of culinary expression in your kitchen.

J is male, and a bit darker, but there are a lot of similarities, like hairiness

After the trauma on Friday, we had a surprisingly uplifting weekend.

On Friday evening we went to see a couple of mutual friends for dinner; we played board games once the food was gone, and much fun was had at J's somewhat alcoholically inspired miming impression of the word 'sauna'.

Our team won, but our celebrations were thwarted by our third team mate admitting she had cheated at the beginning of the game.

There is something really lovely about having dinner with friends and then rolling home by foot, slightly drunkenly.

Saturday we managed to get up relatively early and drove to Oxford for the day.

Our first proper 'date' ever was at Oxford, so called because J has told me it was the first time he ever had an erection in my presence.

We replicated our previous success with a Burger King meal and The Constant Gardner in the Ultimate Picture House, which is indeed no sauna but might well be the coldest cinema in Britain. Fortunately I was wedged in between J and quite a fat man wrapped in several layers, so managed to stay reasonably warm.

Afterwards we drove home and ended the evening with Match of the Day, since J had to sacrifice Liverpool for the movie earlier, and some Buffy to round off our viewing experiences.

And with so little trauma and no major arguments for the whole weekend, there's little else to tell.

Except we watched Planet Earth last night; apparently the camera crew waited for eight (!!) weeks outside the polar bear cave to secure the scenes of the cubs coming out for the first time.

I wanted to say I've been extremely patient waiting for J to make his mind up for over a year, but honestly, spending eight weeks straight surrounded by ice in what I presume must have been a small tent, puts the whole 'patience' issue into perspective.

Be there or be square next Sunday at 2100.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, and hey - we're halfway to the next one. How did you do that?


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