Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Letting me go mad

It's clearly just that week.

I started the day with looking at two apartments, both of which were crap.
I just want it to say 'Let By'. And soon
One of them was really, really dark; why people build houses with such small windows at this day and age is beyond me.

In addition it had "extremely naff" (estate agent's own words) furniture.

The second one had been completely wrecked by its Lithuanian immigrant tenant, who evidently thought it was more important to own a Sky+ box and a fancy DVD player than to invest £1.99 in some cleaning utensils.

In other words, impossible to tell what it'll actually look like when it's been refurbished, and equally impossible to tell how long this refurbishment may take.

I saw one yesterday as well, it had carpet in the kitchen. I say no more.

All of this is just making me feel incredibly irritable. J isn't good with routines being shaken up at the best of time, and is therefore of little help. He is also way too nice, and doesn't push the estate agents to actually do some work.

It was quite amusing, though, when I'd looked at the apartment this morning (the one with the "naff" furniture) and the agent asked me what I thought my boyfriend would say about it. "Well," I said, "it's a bit dark. J likes a lot of light."

And she said, "well, when he called and I heard his voice, I thought, oh no, he's too posh, he's definitly not going to like that apartment I'm showing them."

How true.

J optimistically thinks that living out of a bag in a cramped room with me, in a house he has no key for, won't lead to us getting on each other's nerves, but I know better.

Again, if anyone knows of a nice 2-bed terraced house with large windows, access to parking and preferably some outdoor space, do let me know.

Arrgh. And double arrgh.


  1. I'm not actually on the "drop a jean size" diet, by the way. Try moving up to Liverpool if you want a house, I bet prices are well cheap here. Although it does seem like a fairly shit place to live.

  2. Keep trying... it's fun if you can adopt the right mind set. I have lots of contacts but I'm not sure where you're looking.

    Oh, and have a great weekend. The sun has actually come out for once - it could even be Spring.


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