Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Music to my ears

I am going home in May for a family occasion, and I was going to travel home late on Friday night and come back Monday morning so I wouldn't have to take any extra days off.
Boys with guitars. Obey.

But then.

This morning, I came into work, and my childhood sweetheart was logging onto MSN.

This he usually does when he wants to ask all his friends if anyone knows potential buyers for his latest Porche, so I didn't really take much notice of it.

But weirdly, the link he sent me wasn't to a car sales web site. It was for Ticketmaster.

My favourite band, ever, are playing in my home town on the weekend when I'm already going home.

On the Friday evening.

I knew this. I saw a full-page ad in the local paper last time I visited, and although I wanted to go, I didn't want to take a full day off for going to a gig.

But when I knew that he was going, my stomach churned and my heart dropped to my feet. And started beating faster.

Not because I still fancy him, because although I love him, it's not like that anymore.

But because I realised I'd turned down an opportunity to stand with iron rails thrusting into my ribs, feeling 14 and carefree for a whole evening, coming out damp and deaf and then getting ridiculously drunk with my old friends (who are of course all going).

What happened along the way?

Buy me a ticket, I said. I'll change my flight.

And so I did. If I can't take the day off, I'll call in sick. It'll be worth it.

It was less than 24 hrs since I booked the original flight, so I got my money back, and because the earlier flight was cheaper, the concert kind of paid for itself as well.

He messaged me back, saying "I'll pick up your ticket on Saturday". What a honey he really is.

Which got me thinking as well, he's the boyfriend I've had who's the most like J. Strangely incommunicative, ridiculously sexy, can never finish a novel, hates horror films and although he's extremely irritating, I can never stay angry with him for more than five minutes.

Once, when we were 17, we didn't speak for a whole two weeks, but that was really stretching it and he had done something extremely bad.

Now, he's put on a little bit of weight and he drinks way too much, but he's still lovely.

Ironic that after having gone through a whole host of men who were extremely different from him, I'm now moving in with J, who's very similar but available over here.

I like to think that means that my taste in men matured early. But alternative explanations are welcomed.


  1. Isn't it great when people surprise you like that?

  2. High school sweethearts are never forever gone, aren't they?

    And major kudos for getting the early flight to catch the concert, hope it rocks!

  3. There's no rationalising these things, so I won't try and come up with an explanation. (I will debate the meaning of "available" if you like, though...)

    Who's the band?

  4. I don't think you'll have heard of the band (they are foreign and obscure, in fact so obscure that naming them would compromise my identity), but just imagine any old-school rock band that makes you want to be 14 again.

    I take comfort in the fact that neither ex nor J are very much like my dad. I think.


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