Thursday, 23 March 2006

Rock bottom :: HNT IX

For once, I'm right on the money of this week's HNT theme with my contribution.

Although I don't think putting on weight in general does much for my looks, I have to say that it without a doubt does wonders for my bum.
Just waiting to be admired on the beach this summer
It doesn't sag, or get cellulite (which, since I'm rapidly finishing off my 20s, I think must mean good genes), or bulge out at the sides.

It just gets... rounder. Which is nice.

I was actually wondering for how much longer I should be doing HNT; I don't think there are very many bits of me left that I'm dying to share with the general web community.

What do other people do in this situation? Do they keep posting pictures of the same parts, but get artistic? Do they relent and reveal more?

I'm just not sure the internet needs a picture of my cleavage.

But I do really back the idea of it; I think bodies of all sizes and shapes should be shown off and flaunted, that nakedness (or nekkidness, as it were) is not something children should be taught to be ashamed of. It is private, but private by way of each one of us being able to decide who we want to share it with.

Rant over.

Although you could stay and read about the horrible pet deaths I was preoccupied with earlier this week.

Happy HNT, everyone!


  1. Nice bum. I'm so jealous, I unfortunately get the cellulite. HHNT, looking good.

  2. Naughty girl. Nice bum though :-)

    Happy HNT x

  3. Very nice pic!

    I don't think HNT is just about showing skin, but like you I believe all should be celebrated and I don't want my children to feel any shame about their bodies.

  4. Yeah - we, ourselves had some really horrible cat-related deaths. Makes you want to cry. And then, at least have something like a nice bum to take your mind off it.

  5. "...I'm just not sure the internet needs a picture of my cleavage..."

    yeah, whatever.

    and i hate to fawn (i really do), but actually, nice arse...

  6. You do have a nice butt!

    Ok, go to my blog and all my pals and youwill see what we do when we run out of body parts...we start putting our clothes back on and get really silly!

    Check this one out because there are 8 of us being silly on this blog...

  7. Thanks for the comment,
    I wish you harmonious feelings during HNT.
    Love the pic.

  8. The Village Idiot24 March 2006 at 16:20

    lovely bum...just get creative. With the existing body parts after all, you are right..there are only so many parts to show off.

  9. Thanks v. much for so many encouraging comments! Maybe an elbow bum next week, then...

  10. So round-a, so firm-a, so fully packed! Love it! HHNT! I say get creative but don't leave. We DO want to see your cleavage tho...


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