Thursday, 9 March 2006

Spring has finally arrived :: HNT VII

It looks like spring has finally arrived! OK, so not so much flowers and birds as pouring rain and slippery football pitches, but nonetheless.

Torso and Light From Cheap Ikea Lamp (inspired by D Flavin)
And at least the temperature has finally risen above 0, hopefully for good.

Not much else to report today, except I've completely given up on yesterday's vaguely feminist antics (see below) and posted a picture of my torso.

Taken on a day where I was still hovering next to the radiator in my room in order to stay warm.

Other reason for celebration: J has a new bed in his room, and a new kitchen in his flat.

With all my needs potentially catered for, I am really looking forward to this weekend!

Happy HNT everyone!


  1. I knew I'd love your body. Happy HNT xxx

  2. This is a very nice shot! Happy HNT.

  3. Wow, beautiful!! A very nice pic.


  4. Lovely! Bigger pic next time tho please? :-) HHNT!

  5. I see no conflict between feminism and naked pictures... nope, I cannot think of any reason why a feminist might not approve.

    I love feminists. I particularly like those feminist videos, you know, the kind where the feminists decide they don't need a man after all, and they get all friendly. And naked.

  6. You have a very sexy torso!

    happy HNT! :)

  7. gorgeous! lovely body :) ~HHNT~


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