Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Gardening rocks

Something new has happened in my life to conquer the pleasures of sex, football and Buffy.

When I was little, I had a little vegetable patch in the garden; radishes (which I didn't like), carrots (which never grew, probably due to it being too cold and overmulching of the soil I know realise) and lettuce (which I also didn't like).

I think they're vegetables and not weeds...
Although I always did like the gardening part.

I used to collect earthworms in my pockets and build them houses; my mum was forever finding stray half-dead creatures in my pockets.

I also built houses from pebbles for snails and was very upset that they wouldn't live there despite me feeding them.

Since I've often lived with no outdoor space, I've not really had the chance to rediscover gardening until now.

The house I'm staying in at the moment has a large, south facing garden, and things grow there like weeds. Not the smokeable kind though, sadly.

My flatmate and I have planted sweetpeas, courgettes, radishes and lettuce (both of which I now like) and butterfly-attracting summer flowers. It's great!

I don't know what it is, but there is something incredibly therapeutic about spending a whole day on your hands and knees pulling out weeds and putting rocks in a bucket to prepare soil.

Not to mention the sight of the first shoots of planted seeds pushing through the surface.

I know it's a really clicheed and simple thing, but the fact that you can just put a seed in the earth and then it grows, it never seizes to amaze me.

I mean, how does it know which way to send the root and which way to send the shoot?

My house-building for snails days are long gone, but I still re-bury worms when I dig them up so that they won't get sunburnt and die.

Check back in a couple of months for pictures of lovely courgette dishes...


  1. I really wish I could get into gardening like you have, but... I just can't. It's the only thing I don't do myself, and I'm almost ashamed to admit it (note that I said "almost").

    You may have given me a bit of impetus to have another go this year, so thank you! Then again...

  2. Start with pots full of compost and things that grow easily, are pretty and smell good, such as sugar snap peas, poppies and sunflowers, and also get your kids involved... They'll love it.

    You'll have horribly dirty fingernails on a permanent basis before you know it...


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