Thursday, 20 April 2006

On the subject of birthdays...

If it didn't mean getting older, I wouldn't mind having birthdays more often!

I like to think I spend 364 days of the year trying to put others first, so once a year it's just nice to be able to say 'it's all about me for 24 hrs'.

In fact, since it's just about my birthday, I think I'll extend the celebrations for a whole week... Still only less than 2% of the year selfish!

My 10 favourite birthday memories

  1. My first boyfriend kissing me on the cheek while my mum was photographing us at my 11th birthday party

    Cake. Everyone should have one
  2. Hiding in bus sheds to consume vast amounts of cheap wine to celebrate birthdays from 14-17 (can't really remember any of those, oddly, so maybe I can't really count those)
  3. The pink plastic ring I got from my two best boyfriends on my 18th birthday; I lost it later on the same evening, sadly
  4. The hardback copy of my favourite novel I got from my first love for my 19th birthday
  5. The hedgehog cake my gay ex got for my 21st birthday
  6. The party my flatmate, with whom I didn't get on at all, threw for me the same year
  7. The weed I got as a birthday present from my then shag-buddy on my 22nd birthday... With ensuing antics, obv.
  8. The instants my ex gave me on my 22 birthday, spread throughout the day to 'extend the excitement' -we didn't last, but it was a really nice gesture!
  9. The concern shown by my friend A when I almost got beaten up by a very aggressive lesbian on a train platform in London on my birthday last year
  10. The fact that J got me two different colours and sizes of silk dressing gown last year so I could "pick the one I liked best"

This list, I suspect, is soon to be extended to the memory of the cake J has baked for me.

He baked it last night, all on his own, and was completely amazed when the dough and the apples actually turned into what looks like it will be a very fine culinary experience.

My mother woke me at 0615 this morning with a happy birthday text; she does this on a regular basis for other occasions, and I suspect she's not too good on the whole "different time zones offset" calculation thing.

My father called me when I came into work, just to say happy birthday, and we managed to have a whole 3 min. conversation without arguing or planning to buy my mum something, which is rather unusual.

They are all very sweet.


  1. Great birthday memories! I hope I get some as exciting (or frightening lol) soon or all my birthdays will end up as blurs.

    Sooo sweet he baked you a cake and it came out normal. If I had tried, you would have lost an oven I am sure.


  2. Today is the Queen's 80th birthday of course.

    I like to imagine her reading this blog and going: "oh yeah, that time I got completely caned was probably my favourite birthday too..."

    I doubt this happens.

  3. I don't think of myself as getting older until I look back at all I've done. Then I realize yup, I guess I'm getting older after all.:(

  4. Happy belated birthday little aries, eh eh this explains a lot about some of your firery blogs :o)

    Hope you are enjoying you new age

    Take care


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