Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Ten years on

It's my birthday this week!

Things I at 18 thought I would achieve over the next decade:

  1. Get a degree And a 1st too! Very proud.
  2. Get a proper job
  3. Get a challenging job
  4. Lose my virginity
  5. Get married
  6. Have my first child J keeps being worried, but really I'm just bloated
  7. Buy a house
  8. Travel the world Although that depends on what qualifies as "world", I have been around Europe quite a bit now
  9. Live abroad I lived in a handful of countries and can pretend I speak French. In fact, I'm still abroad, which brings us to...
  10. Settle down in my home town with above job, husband, house and baby
Obviously when I look at the list now, I realise the list, and especially no. 10, was a bit overambitious.

The challenging job; well, it could have happened if I hadn't clocked up a few dysfunctional boyfriends along the way. It's incredible how moving around to suit your partner hampers your career, especially when you're just starting out.

The kid and house, I just don't think I would have been ready.

Marriage, well, I have come to realise that I am mostly keen on the big party, not so much on the actual being married part. So maybe best to steer clear of that.

But the last point... It's strange, the more settled I get over here, the more I wish I was actually over there.

I think even getting to know people properly here, and having friends over a longer period of time, just reminds me of what I'm missing from home.

So for the next decade, I'll just focus on being able to move home. Which will only involve re-training in a different profession, talking a reluctant J into coming with me and just generally working really hard.

Here's to hoping!

And can I just say, I don't think 4 out of 10 is that bad, really.


  1. Happy Birthday kid! ^_^


  2. Many happy returns, gorgeous. And you're still a child - you have shedloads of time yet.

    By the way, I make wonderful babies ;-)

  3. Too fun! I voted for you in your blog explosion thingy mabob. And saved your link. lol


  4. Thanks for the greetings, all!

    I've turned older, and plan firmly to celebrate by practising making babies...


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