Thursday, 25 May 2006

Early morning

I long to be 16 again.

It's 0445 in the morning.

Even though I'm inside, I can smell it.

The sky is a strange, pink vanilla colour and the clouds covering most of it are lilac, a reminder of the immense amounts of water that have washed down on England for the past half week.

I can smell the rain outside; it's washed off all the dust of late spring, and doesn't smell like summer rain normally does.

It makes me restless. The light outside turns all the colours brighter; the grass is greener.

I long to be awake at this time not because I get paid for it, but because my emotions for someone is so intense that I'm unable to leave their patio, because we both want to go skinny dipping in the black ocean, even though we're both tipsy and it's a bit unsafe.

I want to remove my clothing, except a white cotton bra and pants, lay it on the rock that's still dry from the hot sun the day before and dive in from a rock so high up that my head hurts as I hit the surface.

I want my friend to remain on the rocks, waiting for me to swim back, my nipples battling the see-through cotton and my panties clinging to my pubic hair.

And then I want him to avoid touching me on the way back to his house, sneak in to avoid waking someone, slip into his bed still damp, unpeeling my underwear and feeling his body respond.

Then I want to make love, the shy and awkward kind that you can't talk about the next day.

And then the sun should come up and shine in through the window, then the sky can be white and the clouds lilac, then it could rain.

And then I want to get dressed, putting my damp underwear in a grocery bag, and get the bus home, then walk up the drive and slip into bed while my parents are having breakfast.

Well, if nothing else, I'll get to slip into bed in a few hours.


  1. Wow, Thanks for the offer Sweety. And congrats on building a bed, I don't beleive I could do something like that, I'd end up catching something on fire. I finally called Andrew on his behavior and He apologised, he didn't realise I was so upset. But everything's back to good again for us, and hopefully I'll get to see him in a month!

  2. What a great post. I was there with you, and it was my body responding...

    Oh, yes. To be 16 again...

  3. Wow that is great! 16 ... why be that again .. I can do that now ;)


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