Friday, 12 May 2006

The end of the ice age?

Not to be mistaken for a reference to the eponymous animated masterpiece, of course.

No, I'm referring to the long-running nuclear standoff between me and J's mother.

Maybe just an ice cube compared to the world's iceberg of troubles, but a melting ice cube nonetheless
She served me pork on my first visit because she though I was Muslim, and that pretty much set the tone of communication between us.

Every advance I've made to be friendly has been brutally rebuffed, until now.

After talking to my friend on the phone about it, and being down in tears to J because I was so upset, I decided to reply to her latest curt email with a longish, friendly email pretending I hadn't heard what she'd said.

And wonder of all wonders, I got a friendly email back!

I'm amazed. Lost for words. Don't know what to say.

But it feels good. I feel kind of as if I've won a battle by being nice, in a very Polyanna-esque way.

She still naturally insists on having everything done on her territory (ie. at her house), but I figured that her friendly reply was a good step from giving me crap Christmas presents with the sales tags still blatantly on.

Otherwise, J and I are duly installing ourselves in the new house, so far things have gone more smoothly than I expected, possibly because he's been a bit under the weather this week and has let me do things my way for the most part. And the weather is good. And my friends are bringing gardening tools over tonight so I can whip the garden into shape. Live is not bad, people!

Have an excellent weekend, and may Liverpool win the FA cup final... Mostly for the sake of J's clinical depression, of course.


  1. Sometimes the bf's mum being distant or unfriendly can be a good thing. My BF's family are so loving and nice to me it slightly freaks me out. I finished with him for a while and I felt hideous that I had upset them as well as him. We are all back together now and it is all good and they are lovely but it is scary that they buy me christmas presents and stuff.

  2. Wonders never cease. Have a good weekend yourself, and feel free to have a go at my garden when you've finished yours!

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