Sunday, 11 June 2006

But not only a fantasy

It's important to have erotic fantasies, I think.

While discussing this with J (he likes secretaries and nurses... a lot... I think it's quite sweet), we decided that they usually are best left that way, as fantasies. I don't know if I could take myself seriously in a nurse outfit. French maid or secretary - maybe.

Mornings... I like them
But that doesn't mean I don't find fantasising incredibly arousing. Like yesterday's hot neighbour story, for instance...

In fact, when I came back from writing it, I found that J was still asleep in bed, a rare occasion as he usually wakes earlier than me.

He snuggled up to me, and I felt his morning wood knocking gently on my buttock.

Still half asleep, his arm brushed across my nipples. It was only then I realised how incredibly horny it had made me to write the story.

I sneakily turned around and slid down J's body, popping his cock in my mouth and sucking.

"Baby, the sucking is really nice..." he said. "Do you mind if I just like on my back while you take advantage of me?"

Of course, being a nice girlfriend, I didn't have to be asked twice. I kept sucking on him, he started moving and I when I pinned his legs to the bed, he grabbed my head and started directing me to move faster, faster.

I kept going painstakingly slowly although I was pretty much ready to swallow him whole, and of course, after a few minutes of expert treatement he moaned "I think I need to be inside you now" through gritted teeth.

I straddled him and couldn't help groaning as he thrust into me; he always gets incredibly hard when we have sex in the morning.

"The neighbours!" he said. "It's quite early for a Saturday!"

And with no further adoo, he flipped me around on my stomach and entered me from behind as I lifted my bum up to welcome him.

When I thought I couldn't take any more, he returned to his previous position, and while on his back pulled me on top of him so he could lick me. As he buried his beautiful face between my legs, he joined in the groaning choir.

J loves going down on me, and it really turns me on when I hear him (unsuccessfully) try to hold back from moaning out loud while licking.

I was so horny I just wanted to come straight away, but it was quite difficult, the sensation of his mouth was almost too much. My clit was so sensitive that in the end he barely needed to touch it with the tip of his tongue in the end to bring me over the edge.

I just about managed to avoid collapsing in a gasping heap on top of his head, and as I came to my senses I popped him back in my mouth and sucked him off. Suffice to say he quite liked that.

And then there were cuddles, of course. And much moaning from J about how I catch him unawares and wear him out.

You'd think with a gorgeous man in my bed there'd be little time for fantasies, but to the contrary... I'm thinking repeat performance from myself tomorrow morning, unless I've now ruined the surprise element for a week or so to come... No pun intended.


  1. Good god I started to get moist just reading the naturally I had to stop and blogmark. heh.

    I would have that same problem with dressing up, would want to turn it into a comedy skit. Hard to keep aroused if you are busting a gut laughing.

  2. It's not that I think humour is the opposite of sexy, but if you want to go down that route, might as well go the whole Princess Leia nine yards...

    Thanks for the blogmark!

  3. listen, i KNOW you've read my latest post, so you already realise I'm flopping around semi-hard as it is. what is the meaning of these erotic fantasies?

    excuse me, i'll be back in a few minutes... (make that 30 seconds or so)

  4. But 'ooh' in what sense?

    And 'flopping'; any pun intended?

  5. "Oooh" in the sense that you turned me on.


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