Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Shopping torture

We went shopping today to find a dress for me for a wedding we're going to in July. After having trawled through most of House of Fraser (department stores are so handy when you're pressed for time) I saw this dress in Whistles.

This isn't it, but I though a photo might help visualise my pain
Although I knew it would be completely inappropriate for the wedding, I tried it on. It was a perfect fit.

I seem to be a model size 8 in Whistles, as opposed to every other shop, where my boobs are too small or my waist not thin enough.

It was the loveliest dress I've tried on in... I don't know, ever, possibly.

It fell perfectly across my bum, lovingly supported my breasts and wrapped tightly around my waist. It was made of light green silk with a white star pattern on it.

And, unfortunately, it was £135.

There was probably a time where I would have just bought it. After all, although not formal enough for a wedding, it would have been perfectly fine for work.

But I think J has had an influence on my spending patterns.

J hates spending a lot of money on clothes. He thinks any T-shirt over £15 is not worth having, and the only expensive item he owns is his winter cashmere coat which I think he got 2nd hand.

It's not that he criticizes me for spending too much on clothes, but it makes me feel guilty.

Because, obviously, I have an £20,000 student loan I could be paying back instead. And although I'm already making more than the minimum payment every time, I know that I could always starve myself a little more and get rid of it a little sooner.

Now, of course, that dress is completely "the one who got away", and I love nothing more than the one who got away.

As we left the store empty handed, me pouting and teary-eyed at the separation, J gave me a big hug and said: "Even if you secretly go back and get that dress, I just want you to know that I really admire the amount of willpower you just showed."

Hearing that was almost as good as wearing that dress would be.



And, of course, if any of you live near a Whistles, you know where to find me...

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  1. The dress is beautiful, but whatever you wear I have a suspicion you'll look beautiful. Still, hope you find a way...

    Tell J that I'll take him to Fat Face.


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