Friday, 2 June 2006

Sometimes things go so well...

...that you're almost just waiting for something to go 'bang' and disaster to come crashing down on you.

J and I haven't argued for four days in a row now, which I belive might constitute a new 2006 record.

And it's available from Amazon...
I really think this new therapy is helping; although there is lots of work ahead he sees some hope that he'll soon feel better, meaning that I'll possibly soon no longer have to feel like a complete bitch for constantly upsetting him.

He received a pack of self-help books with exercises in yesterday, and I had a quick look through them. They're CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) based, and by God are they hard work! I don't think I could do it.

Basically they aim to change the most fundamental way you see yourself. This means undoing in about six weeks something which took over 30 years (in J's case) to establish.

However, when reading the books, the examples of "destructive parenting behaviour which might impair a child's self-esteem" were pretty much a case study of J's mother but with her name altered to something more English-sounding.

He's seeing his new therapist today, and I am really hoping for his sake that she'll manage to support him through this. Maybe because his education has been dominated by authoritarian attitudes, he is a bit suspicious of her because she looks like "a normal middle aged lady" and doesn't wear suits.

Or maybe that's just another fundamental believe that he'll have to change.

Meanwhile, summer seems to finally be inching its way to these parts of the planet; I'm very excited!

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  1. Things go decently, yet strangly on my romantic front, although I'm curious, or rather worried on what James has said to you in order to get you to say something like that...
    On another note, I tend to be suspicious of the therapists in suits myself, it's like they're about to seal some sort of finaical deal or something.


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