Saturday, 10 June 2006

Up the ladder II

As I straddled the windowstill and hauled myself into the bedroom, I scraped the inside of my thigh, but by now I was so aroused I barely noticed.

I rushed down the stairs and opened the front door.

My neighbour was still there, bending over away from me pretending to be folding up the ladder, but it was quite clear he was trying to hide his hard-on.

"Fancy a cold beer as thanks?" I asked innocently. "Oh, that would be... lovely," he said, looking up from the latch on the ladder.

He came inside, following me into the dining room as I headed to the kitchen for a beer. As I opened the fridge, I made sure I bent over quite far to reach the bottom shelf, my skirt sliding up to right below my buttocks.

Again, I could feel his eyes on me as he shifted in his chair. For a moment I regretted inviting him in, my pussy was so hot it was almost hurting, and I didn't know what to do.

When I came into the dining room again he had positioned himself cleverly with legs crossed and trying to look calm and collected.

I passed him the beer, and my hand brushed the inside of his. I could see the dark hair on his arm standing up at my touch, a little reminder of something larger standing up further down.

I heard him gasp. "What's wrong?" I said.

"You're bleeding," he answered, pointing to a thin, red line working its way down the inside of my leg.

Suddenly I words coming out of my mouth, completely uncontrollable: "It must be a scratch from the climbing... Maybe you can help clean me up..."

As he put his his dry, warm hand on my thigh, I could feel the hair standing up on my arms and all down my back to match his. We both went completely quiet, and all I could hear was his rapid, shallow breaths.

"Please..." he said. Then: "Oh God." I couldn't stop myself, I grabbed his hand and shoved it right up on my naked, wet pussy.

With his free hand he unbuttoned his trousers, exposing a pair of white boxers from which a huge erection was dying to be released.

He grabbed me and pulled me in close, I felt his cock throb against my stomach. "Please, please, just let me lick you," he whispered in my ear.

And I couldn't say no.

He sat me down on a chair and kneeled between my legs, separating them, running a hand up my thigh again to my aching pussy. I put one leg on each of his shoulders, pulling him in closer.

His tongue was amazing. It was like an animal with a life of its own, it darted across my clit with incredible speed and then slithered inside me like a firm, thick snake, then out again so I could rub myself on it, and rub I did.

I felt him slip three fingers inside me, I was so tight he had to really push. He started rubbing on my g-spot, still lapping away, staring straight at me.

I knew I wouldn't last very long, that I would have the kind of orgasm where my juices would gush all over him, and managed to moan "I'll cum all over you if you... don't... stop..".

This prompted him to grab my ass and pull me closer, putting the length of his tongue against me, but I could barely feel it anymore, I could only feel the heat spreading from my pussy across my whole body as everything went red. I could feel hot juice squirting from my pussy in an amazing release. "Yes, yes," I heard a voice in my head, and realised it was his, he was lapping it up with his eyes closed now, "yes, please, I want to drink you..." and my orgasm continued for what seemed like forever.

I collapsed back into the soft chair, trying to catch my breath.

As I slowly opened my eyes I saw him, he was standing up in front of me, completely naked now, his erection dark and hot, throbbing before I could even reach it with my hand.

It was so hard it looked circumcised; the dripping wet head joined seamlessly onto the veiny shaft. I put one hand on my soaked pussy, moistening it, before closing my fingers around his cock.

I had suspected he'd be a bit of a moaner since that first stifled noise he made when I was still on the ladder, and boy was I right. As I started stroking him, slowly at first, he started making noises, low-frequency gutteral moans, in time with my hand's movement. His cock was straining outgrow my firm grip, to my amazement I felt that he was still getting harder.

I pulled the straps of my top across one shoulder to free my breasts, which I felt had been ignored for too long. Whilst jerking him off, I used the hot, wet tip of his cock to rub on my nipple.

It felt so good I couldn't help myself, I found myself bringing my other hand between my legs to play with my clit some more, it was like a marble in oil, and I couldn't believe I was touching myself in front of a guy I didn't even know the name of.

He opened his eyes, they were dark and glazed over, but he saw my hand and it was enough to bring him over the edge. He gripped onto my shoulders, and I felt his cum forcing its way through the rock hard shaft and onto my breasts as I realised the sensation of him pumping in my hand, uncontrollably now, had brought me to another orgasm. I clung onto him for my dear life and buried my fingers deep inside myself, my muscles gripping them in spasms.

"Maybe you should start leaving a key hidden in your front yard somewhere," he said.

...well, at least that much is true. As if I'd ever cheat on J! The story is true in part, though, except unfortunately this particular helpful neighbour is rather unattractive and not someone I'd pick even if I ever felt I should be cheating.

And I am quite convinced he inadvertedly looked up my skirt. I didn't think that I wasn't wearing any underwear until I came downstairs to thank him and he was completely red-faced, hurrying off as soon as I'd said thank you...

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