Sunday, 11 June 2006

Up the ladder

OK, so I'm not the most present-minded of people even at the best of times, but when I've been on night shifts it's particularly bad.

That's partly the reason I ended up outside my house wearing no underwear. And had to be "salvaged" by a very helpful Member of the neighbourhood...

All you need is a ladder...
I woke in the middle of the afternoon, really hot and heavy-headed; despite having left the window open it was so warm that I'd woken after only about 5 hours sleep.

I slipped on a floaty skirt and a skimpy top and headed for the kitchen to get something to drink, hoping to get back to bed asap.

On the way past the front window, I saw that some of the plants outside were very depressed-looking; drooping from the heat.

So I had a cup of icy water, filled up a watering can and headed outside to take care of the poor limp things.

And then I heard a bang.

The wind and draught from the window upstairs had slammed the door shut. It felt like 45 degrees, the asphalt was already burning my bare feet and J wasn't home to let me in.

I felt quite desperate, and not at all in the mood to sit outside and wait in the heat for four hours until J came back from work.

That's when I saw my extremely hunky neighbour returning from what appeared to be quite a prolific shopping trip with his wife. She was, as always, quite surly looking. Very good-looking, but I am thinking she gets most of her pleasure from his credit card rather than his cock by the looks of it.

I hobbled over and explained the situation. The wife completely ignored me, but the hubby was very sympathetic, and offered that I could climb over the fence in their garden and sneak across the handful of lawns between their house and mine.

He walked me into the garden and we looked across; it turned out there were at least three fences too high to climb. I also knew I wasn't wearing any underwear, and wasn't too keen on climbing and flashing my privates to the world.

As I stood on my toes to look across the fences, I noticed that I was making an effort to arch my back and make my legs look more shapely; I could feel his eyes on me.

Despite the heat I was suddenly very aware that my nipples were rubbing on the soft fabric of my thin white top. He's about twice my age, but I've noticed coming and going, usually in tow after his wife with enormous amounts of shopping showing off his toned torso.

"I can't climb that high," I said, and as I turned around, he took his eyes back, but not until they'd met mine for a split second. To my surprise I felt heat surge between my legs.

"Yes, you can," he said. "I'll hold the ladder for you."

He wedged it in between the wall and the sloping roof of the bay window, put one leg on either side of the ladder and held it firmly with both hands. "It'll be safe," he said, holding my gaze for just a little longer than what was decent.

I ducked in under his arm and gripped on to the ladder. I could smell the salt on his skin, and felt his hot breath on my neck where my hair had haphazardly been scoped up in a ponytail.

As I put my bare foot on the bottom step, I couldn't help myself.

Half-consciously I jutted my ass out just a little bit, brushing his crotch as I stepped up.

It only lasted for a second, but I felt the unmistakable jutting of a very eager erection under his black linnen trousers. I wasn't sure, but I could swear he stifled a moan.

Slowly I stepped up the ladder. As the edge of my skirt ascended above his head, I heard him clearly catching his breath. I knew he could see straight up skirt, and I was suddenly glad I'd been keeping trim by regular cycling trips. Not to mention exfoliation and shaving...

I thought of the bulge in his trousers, it had felt invitingly large... Again, I felt his eyes on me; I could feel my pussy really wet now, swelling up by the second.

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