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JGF rolls the dice I :: Aussie seeks identity, cock

J's Gf makes her first foray into reviewing! Well, not really, I used to review stuff at university, but soon found that I was too vindictive to do it well. In addition to preferring to create rather than write about things created by other people.

But hey, it used to get me freebies... Hint, hint, Alicia. Send me that Murdoch rag, now.

Alicia, you said you wanted me to review "you". Well, that's therapy, hon. Gonna cost ya more than a copy of The Australian...

If you, dear reader, would like a similar review, pls leave a comment at the bottom of this post. I'll get around to it another day when my own life is too depressing to blog about.


I used to think that all Australians are laid-back and chilled-out; how wrong was I.

This is the blog of a 20-something student trying to
A) get laid (which she does, but apparently not often enough)
B) make it as a journalist.

The quality of this blog is highly variable, but I get the impression that it is a fair reflection of Alicia as a person; she is rather immature for her age and seems to be desperately searching for recognition and identity, be it through getting laid or getting her work printed.


Strongest point but inconsistent
The blog is quite new, so maybe it's no wonder that it wobbles a little between being a personal ranting diary, a wannabe chicklit-style column and a search for public redemption for Alicia's actions (which display remarkable lack of self-insight for a girl her age... Although that is I guess part of the charm).

The writing is at times a bit repetitive and self-absorbed. If I wanted to read more chick-lit (which I btw detest), I'd be buying it...

However, there are definite gems there, notably when Alicia takes a break from talking about herself. Her 'boys 101' entries are hilarious, and the story of how her grandma lost her soul mate is very touching.

Also, there is an entry about her feelings for her "stepmother", which seems a rare display of genuine emotion. I get the impression that the whole blog would be better if Alicia stopped trying to project a persona, and just was honest.

Maybe she is being honest and has just overdosed on chicklit at a stylistically fecund point in her 'carreer'. In which case, get thee to a book store and get some proper reading, gal.

Recently she's also taken to posting entertaining photos, presumably from email forwards, which seems to clash a little with the tone of the rest of the blog. Unless she made them herself, in which case, good work as they prove that the humour of the 'Boys 101' entries was not just a fluke!


A bit lazy...
It's a standard blogger template, and although I generally think the writing of a blog is a lot more important than its design, I think it could do with some TLC. At least change the 'edit-me' links in the side bar to something a little more imaginative, and insert permalinks somewhere so people can more easily link to posts (yes, they may want to!)

Could do with links to posts explaining the main characters involved. Alicia states below her photo that all we need to know is that she wants to get laid, but I disagree. A little more background, or at least links to a few crucial posts, would have been very helpful.

Alicia says she works as an ed ass., meaning (in most cases) that you have about 6.5 hrs per day between coffee making and photocopying to play around with some pretty snazzy software.

If you want to be a journalist, use the downtime to become proficient in PhotoShop etc. and make your own header image. Or at least google something.

Layout and organisation

Not too bad
As a budding journalist, Alicia seems to instinctively know that stuff online reads better in small paragraphs. However, I think they could be even smaller.

The blog appears to be very actively aimed at an audience rather than just being a private journal, and if that is the case, it is important to facilitate people's reading of it.

I also think Alicia should settle on using one text colour for regular text, rather than varying it wildly. Variations in colour online usually means it is a link or something especially exciting, and if it's not, it disappoints the reader.

Because this blog (I suspect not unline Alicia herself) appears a bit scatterbrained, it would probably help to have categories or tags so people could more easily follow storylines and toics.

Grammar and spelling

The spelling abilities of a true journo

I always thought 'crutch' was something you leaned on when your leg is broken. Apparently it also exists between Alicia's legs. 'Pseudo' is thus spelled. Who am I to say; I'm not a native English speaker. There are various spelling mistakes, so entries could possibly do with a spell check before posting. Grammar is generally good, though.


One to watch

With some work and some reining in of the self-pity (she's 22, relatievly attractive; if she wanted to get laid I'm sure she could. she can afford to do work experience; some people have to slave in pubs and supermarkets just to pay their rent*) this could be a really good blog.

Just like Alicia, given some perspective and a few more years of experience, could probably be a good writer and lucky in love. Interesting as a work in progress.

Bonus Technorati tag:

* There is an indication that Alicia herself realises that self-pity generally puts people off, as she says "Some crappy, self involved, "woe is me, I am such a victim", posts lately. I will return to my tabloid trash in no time and be sure to post some porn."

Yes, please.
Or at least put some parental guidance on the most major whining


  1. Really honest, great review. Thanks. xoxoxox

  2. Where do you get this idea of maturity from? That's delusional. Great review though. Can't beat a bit of unecessary brutality.

  3. Hey, it says something in the Bible about beating those you love. So it can't be all bad then, can it?

    Glad you liked the review, JB! I liked your blog!


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