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JGF rolls the dice II :: Media student grows up

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Boudica is a half-Ukrainian comfortably reciding in Middle Class England, or at least I assume so since she can afford to do work experience for pretentious magazines (don't go there, medear... Oh well, you'll learn).

I also think she might be a recently graduated media student ( hates Tories, reads the Guardian and supports the BBC) ...

She is, as one might expect, occasionally slightly feminist, but since it involves discussing pubic hair, it is all very endearing and reader-friendly. She has also flashed her pubes at the Beeb.

Otherwise, she blogs about the usual; her life, sex or lack of such, music and current affairs. And she's from Reading. OMG. My condolences, dahlin.

Media whore in the making, indeed. Follow her from feeble student to respectable IT employee (are you at Oracle, hon?).


It's a diary. But a good one.

Boudica has been blogging, on and off, since 2004. This means she has had time to find a voice. But even the early ones show intelligence and insight.

Which one might not expect from someone who is also generally preoccupied with getting laid/drunk/a job (why is it that everyone who blogs seems to have ample time for this?).

Also went through a year-long Half-nekkid Thursday Phase, so some part of her does live too much in the realm of bloggers. Yes, males, if you look through the archives, there will be nipples.

Boudica doesn't use long words, or winding sentences. But she gets to the point and does it very well, too. She also has a sense of humour, reviews porn and doesn't take herself that seriously. Brownie points aplenty.

She keeps half an eye on current events, and covered the Orange Revolution back in 2005. And she has a heart. Bless her. In 2004 when she was a way less frequent blogger than she is now, she did Tsunami post. I like that kind of thing. I like people who are brazen on the outside and kittenish on the inside. Because that's what I'm like...

However, I don't think she's sharing all with the audience. For instance, she suddenly mentions a meeting to Depression Anonymous. There are also hints of possible self-harming?

A little secrecy is no bad thing; I don't think people should be obliged to bare all. Still, it makes you wonder what else she is censoring, as part of the blog's appeal is that it seems honest and earnest. There is a general feel that there's a lot she is not saying.

All in all, this is a well rounded personal diary. I like it. Possibly because it reminds me of my own blog.

But most likely because the writing stands it above the rest.

I'm not entirely sure she knows what the next post will be, but that's the beauty of it, yah?


Could do better

I assume B has changed her template a few times, not realising / caring that it leads to posts like this one being completely unreadable. Bit of a bummer.

As far as I can tell, this is an edited Blogger template. Which is OK, but a bit lazy, since I think she has the IT skills to do something better.

However, great links and a considered and carefully selected blogroll earn bonus notches on the bedpost.

Needs permalinks, clearer headlines/dates. Could be easier to navigate. And the links at the bottom of the page are a complete waste of space, as well as looking messy.

Layout, spelling and grammar

That degree was worth it
Layout is pretty standard.

She occasionally uses colour/font variations to her advantage, like in this rendition of MSN conversation with sad horny man. More of that, please.

Sometimes Boudica does photo posts, but even better, she does MS paint illustrations. I don't know if that was just a phase, but more of these, please...

For some reason some posts have tons of empty space in them. Which is better than cramping, but honestly, scrolling isn't that much fun. What's the point?

Spelling & grammar are generally very good, save the odd lazy lacking apostrophe.


Oh yay.

She has a damn good blog which is not audience-pandering, yet enjoyable. Get thee there now, gentle reader.

You'll know quite soon whether she's someone you'll want to get to know better, and if that is the case, this blog is a very good way in. You, the reader, will be left feeling like you're her bestest friend.

This girl is me, about 5 years ago (down to the frame of her glasses. She even watched Mean Girls (mentioned in my previous post) within 24 hours of myself watching it. What is this, the lost blog of my youth??!).

What can I do, but give her a big, fat dice roll of that very number.

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  1. AArr!

    This is really strange... a little odd as I feel vaguely dissected. Thanks though! :D

    I didn't actually get to do my work experience, it fell through rather dramatically!

    And, yes, I probably could do a little better [re: the template] but as my geeky brother takes all available bandwidth and I'm too cheap to buy my own, that remains a pipe-dream. The grammar will never be up to scratch though. Of that I can assure you.

    I think if I wrote what I felt on "bad" days I would bore not only myself but everyone else.


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