Sunday, 9 July 2006

The pain!

And I don't just mean Italy winning the World Cup. That was, in itself, absolutely tragic, especially since I secretly harbour a soft spot for Zidane.

Now I'm worried that I inadvertedly have a thug fetish.

Although J says that the player who got him sent off has links with the far right in Italy and has probably said something very contentious and racist. Not much comfort for France, though.

Otherwise, as you can probably tell by me posting, I'm back from holiday.

It was wonderful to have my parents here, I only argued properly with my dad once during the whole week, and even then I managed to bite my lip after about 10 min. Being the mature one can be rewarding.

I took them for a nice long walk in the English countryside, we almost got hit by golf balls crossing fields and waded in neck-high rapeseed flowers.

Why all these public footpaths don't get used more by the Brits is beyond me. We went for a 10m walk and didn't see a single other person out walking all day, despite the weather being completely glorious.

J and my dad also bonded over the football (I am also wondering why I think Zidane "must have been provoked" into the headbutt, while I just think that Rooney is a simple, unsympathetic thug).

My mum and I went shopping, and even my sister wasn't too much of a pain in the arse most of the time, although the first whole sentence she uttered after arriving was "this mattress is really uncomfortable" (about the bed we had bought (albeit cheaply) especially for her).

Then, J and I went on holiday together, which was rather traumatic but also extremely traumatic. That was the real pain. More about this later...

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